Classic Wolverine Covers: Marvel Tales #236

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It was April 1990 and Marvel Tales #236 hit the stands with a terrific cover by superstar artist Todd McFarlane, reprinting the second half of Marvel Team-Up Annual #1.

The story itself reprints the very first meeting between Wolverine and Spider-Man and boasts the classic Spider-Man line, “I’ve been keeping up for years, friend… and since I don’t hear them talking about you as the ‘Amazing Wolverine,’ I must be doing something right!”

Wolverine Covers: Marvel Tales #236

Next up is the original Marvel Team-Up Annual #1 from 1975 by Dave Cockrum (Wolverine is lower right). To the right of that is the cover from Marvel Tales #235 by Todd McFarlane that reprinted the first half of the annual. While still impressive, it’s not quite as strong as our featured cover…

Marvel Team-Up Annual #1 cover Marvel Tales #235 cover

Finally, we have the cover to Marvel Tales #262 by Sam Keith from June 1992 that debuts a little known follow-up story. Since Wolverine is only part of the sidebar, I’ve magnified his appearance on the right…

Marvel Tales #262 cover Marvel Tales #262 closeup

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14 years ago

What was the follow up story in Marvel Tales #262?

Was it a follow up to the Marvel Team Up Annual #1 ?

14 years ago

I love this cover so much. I wonder why they broke up the annual into two separate issues.

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