Wolverine TV: X-Men 04 – Deadly Reunions

Wolverine Files features every Wolverine’s TV appearances in order, continuing with #6…

Deadly Reunions, the fourth episode of the X-Men animated series, aired on January 23, 1993 and continued the earlier plot lines of Magneto, Sabretooth and Senator Kelly.

Rogue gets a much larger role this time around, and Wolverine finally battles Sabretooth, shouting the classic line, “OK, you egg-sucking piece of gutter trash, you always liked pushing around people smaller than you. I’m smaller, try pushing me!”

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8 years ago

his only power was regeneration. Besides now they can run the story of Magneto stippirng it off of the claws when he gets his powers back if they ever decide to make another full X-Men movie again. Why do people keep talking about Logan being abducted by Project Weapon X? He volunteered for the project. I thought they answered that in the second X-Men movie?

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