Classic Wolverine Covers: Marvel Holiday Special (1991)

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The very first Marvel Holiday Special from 1991 boasts the best cover of this (mostly) annual book — and it’s another classic from Arthur Adams.

The X-Men story within flashes back to the Christmas Eve moments before X-Men #98, hence Wolverine’s early yellow and blue costume…

Wolverine Covers: Marvel Holiday Special 1991

…and the complete wraparound cover in all its glory (Run, Santa, run!)…

Marvel Holiday Special 1991 full cover

In 1992, Arthur Adams returned for another crack at the Marvel Holiday Special (despite the January 1993 cover date) with Wolverine in the center of the action…

Marvel Holiday Special 1992 full cover

Though to get the full effect, the cover really needs to be viewed from the side…

Marvel Holiday Special 1991 full cover

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14 years ago

was your favorite Marvel Holiday Special the 1991 one ?

Or did you like another one better?

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