‘Logan: Shattered Memories’ Comic Book Script

Ever since I was little kid I wanted to be a writer. You know, manual typewriter. Ashtray overflowing with cigarette butts. And a bottle of whiskey with a shot glass.

Cut to later in life. Kids. Job. House. Divorce. And before you know it, you’re an adult. Somewhere along the way, I realized I had actually become a professional writer, among other things. A laptop had replaced the manual typewriter. A stained mug full of coffee took the place of the bottle of whiskey and shot glass. And that ashtray finally stopped reeking of old cigarettes after finally quitting all those years ago.

But writing wasn’t necessarily what I thought it would be when writing for someone else. Sure I’ve had some wonderful moments along the way. A couple of awards for short film scripts. Writing and producing the Breaking Bad Binge Companion and the Better Call Saul Story Sync for AMC Networks. And more ghost written articles than I can shake a stick at.

What I really wanted to do was write things that I was passionate about. And as you can surmise, Wolverine is a character I’ve been pretty passionate about. So what follows is some details around a spec comic book script I wrote some years back, entitled “Logan: Shattered Memories,” a proposed six-issue miniseries chronicling Logan’s days just after Barry Windsor-Smith’s ‘Weapon X’.

Or as my teaser puts it…

When the Fantastic Four first appeared, they made headlines around the world. What didn’t make headlines was the story of a man discovered in the Canadian wilderness. A man with uncanny animal-like senses and a healing factor that made him nearly indestructible. Taking place just after the events of Barry Windsor-Smith’s classic ‘Weapon X’, ‘Logan: Shattered Memories’ chronicles Logan’s early days as he struggles to deal with his severe amnesia, dangerous berserker rages and an adamantium skeleton and claws that has turned him into the perfect killing machine.

Ages ago, I shared the script of the first issue with a few fellow Wolverine fans and received some, frankly, glowing reviews including…

I read the ‘Logan: Shattered Memories’ script you sent and I was blown away, I thought it was one of the best scripts/stories I’ve ever read. It was incredibly strong; it had a way of mixing all of the elements needed for a great comic. You have a very good sense of visuals too. I think you really did a good job with a therapy session mixed with an emotional Wolverine, I never thought he could be written as vulnerable but done in a way that explains his gruffness. I can see a few artists who would be ideal for it, and I think John Cassaday or Butch Guice would be great, at least of professional guys out there. I did want to say that I enjoy how your script is a mix of detailed panel descriptions and emotional beats of a panel. Often the scripts I’ve seen just focus on action or description of what to see not really what the emotional impact needs to be and let the artist make it happen. I think this would make a hell of a Marvel comic; it really needs to be made because the stuff I keep seeing is ok but not this good.
Artist Carl Yonder


‘Wolverine: Shattered Memories’ #1 – “Key to the Past” – does a phenomenal job at giving the fans the true Wolverine. The script is both intelligent and witty, giving the reader snap shots into Logan’s long tragic past. Both long time readers and new fanboys can enjoy what Joel DiGiacomo delivers in terms of action and plot development. I honestly can’t wait to read more of what Joel has planned, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this title to be picked up by soon.
-Gabriel Zero

As well as…

‘Logan: Shattered Memories’ is a story of Logan’s journey to find himself, and who he is. The first chapter flows as easily as the blood that Logan has occasion to spill. Allegory mixes with reality which is in turn infused with lost and half remembered memories. As always, DiG’s work is expertly written, and his grasp of the material (and the characters in particular) is second to none. The visual style he applies so masterfully to his storytelling makes it so realistic that when he tries to “simulate a widescreen feature film”, it plays out effortlessly in your head. I honestly don’t think that it’s possible to tell DiG’s tale on film as intensely as he has in words. Another triumph by the master. Now the only problem is waiting for the rest of the story to come out…
-Joe Kennedy


I absolutely loved part one of ‘Shattered Memories.’ It begins to address an important period in Logan’s life that seems to have been given little attention by writers associated with this character over the years. I would love to see how you spin this out, but even more I would love to see this. The kaleidoscope sequence is very evocative of Logan’s previous experiences and is a creative device that any artist would love to render. Your writing is very visual, and from your descriptions of the panels, I can almost see it. The fight sequence brings to mind the fight panels Miller drew for Claremont so long ago. You have set this up beautifully. This is a gripping character-driven story so far, with an intriguing plot building as we go along. I can’t wait for the next “issue”. If only Marvel would scoop this up, this has the potential to be a seminal Wolverine story along the lines of ‘Weapon X’ and the first Wolverine limited series. A truly fantastic script.
-Pamela D. Arceneaux, Senior Librarian / Rare Books Curator

I even commissioned Joe Rubinstein (yes, that Joe Rubinstein) to illustrate one of the pages, and here are the rough pencils…

Shattered Memories by Joe Rubinstein

And finally, as a teaser, here is a page from the script…

Shattered Memories Script Page

The script has lain fallow for many years, but I find myself returning to this page as I update this site during the coronavirus crisis. If you are interested in reading the script, drop me a line at jen@typingmonkeys.com, and maybe I’ll pull it from the cobwebs.

Or you can jump over to the “Wolverine: Guilt” page, and peruse the details about another Wolverine script I wrote.

All the best in these troubled times,

Jen a.k.a. DiG

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13 years ago

DiG, Love it…Love it…LOVE IT!!! I would most certainly love to see you taken up by Marvel to get this terrific story published!

13 years ago

I definitely would like to see this get published and illustrated. This is a very rare story from Logan’s history that is hardly ever explored. If anybody at Marvel is listening, please make this happen!

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