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Version 5.00, last updated on March 23, 2020.

I’ve been running Wolverine Files in various incarnations for a very long time, since, well, 2005 if you can believe it, and the biggest thrill for me has always been the support coming from Wolverine fans around the world and the comic book community as a whole. So, as you can imagine, it was a real treat to win the Project Fanboy Award for Website Excellence in 2008 (sadly now defunct).

But even more so have been the words of encouragement and praise left in the comment sections on this site over the years. As commenting engines have come and gone, wiping away years of heartfelt sentiments with each upgrade, I have attempted to memorialize some of those that have put a smile on my face below…

All the best in these troubled times,

Jen a.k.a. DiG
New York City


“I have always loved your chronology. I think it absolutely wonderful… I should’ve said something sooner, but this site is why you’re my hero. Beyond just the pages upon pages of awesomeness you’ve compiled, the people here, yourself included, are some of the best I’ve found on the web. Thank you for setting me up with a home away from home.”

“Thank you DiG! I don’t know what I would do without your site. I can’t wait to see your updates on the chronology and as always you’ll have my support in the future years to come! Thanks for creating a sanctuary for fans who love Wolverine comics.”
-Roleplay Adventures

“Everything you do here is amazing!”

“Wow! Your site is incredible. It is by far the most comprehensive listing of Wolverine on the net… Once again this is by far the most awesome site. Keep up the good work and thanks for your time.”
-Jason M. Doty

“I can only agree about your site as the best Wolverine source on the Web.”

“In search of more information about [Wolverine] and his various depictions and stories over roughly a 35-year period, I came upon your incredibly detailed, literate (not all Wolverine-related sites out in the www are, I’m sure you know) informed as well as informative, website. It would be very difficult to find anyone more knowledgeable on Wolverine than you, and I am in awe of the amount of work and depth of detail you have poured into creating and maintaining this important reference… Thank you for the labor of love that is your website!”
-Pamela D. Arceneaux

“DiG, I want to thank you for having the best Wolverine site on the internet. I learned so much of Wolverine’s back story on your site. I was actually was losing interest in Logan, before I read some of your articles.”
-Gabriel Zero

“A comprehensive, intelligent and well researched timeline for the feral mutant. Easily the best I’ve seen. Well done. Marvel writers please take note…”

“Congratulations on having the best Wolverine site on the web. Keep up the good work.”

“Thanks for all the information on this site. Keep it up!”

“I just wanted to say thanks to DiG. I appreciate your hard work, bub. Long time viewer of Wolverine Files!”

“The utterly amazing French translation of Wolverine Files at Marvel-World.com, “I just want to inform you that I have posted the first three part of your amazing chronology! It is clearly indicated that you are the author and I am only a translator! Hope you enjoy!
-Michel Wolf

“Very cool, very detailed… glad I didn’t misspend my youth trying to figure all this out. Glad you did all the homework for me.”

“Last night I stumbled across your Wolverine Files and I became addicted to them! I read ’em all and it really filled in my ‘blank spots’ about Logan’s life, especially the Weapon X stuff… PLEASE keep up the magnificent job!”
-Lauri Hirvonen

“LOVE your site!”

“I just found your website via Google, specifically your page on Wolverine’s True Origin. Great stuff! ”
–Glen Cadigan

“Hey, I stumbled across your site when I was doing a search for Wolverine… I just wanted to give you props. I like your Wolverine database… Keep up the good work.”
-Jarasen D. Peneguy

“First of all I want to say that your webpage is really good, it’s really up among the other Wolverine pages [which] reflects your vision of analyzing comics.”
–Daniel Farina-Chouinard

“I’ll start with the props: great site and please keep up the good work! Thanks for the almost daily Wolverine fix.”
-Scott Paparella

“I just wanted to say you’re doing a great job, and I can’t wait for you to complete this project. Wolverine is my favorite fictional character, and I love the fact that you’re making it so easy to be a truly knowledgeable fan. Just wanted to say, don’t give this up, and I’m rooting for Marvel to notice you.”
-Isaac Venezuela

“I love the site, have for some time. Your obsessive nature and hard work have improved my enjoyment in the hobby of comic collecting and Wolverine in general. Your site has inspired me to embark on the nigh impossible task of collecting all Wolverine’s appearances. I have a long way to go but it’s fun trying to add to my collection and not make the wife angry at the same time. Your site is by far the best on the web! And now that you’re working on the appearances list I had to send you an e-mail to remind you of that fact. I especially love the quotes and descriptions for each issue! Keep up the great work and if I ever get the chance I’ll put in a good word for you with Marvel!”

“I really love your page.”

“I just found what I was looking for on the ‘net for quite some time now: a site totally dedicated to Wolvie AND, most important, updated to the latest news! I’m a new Wolvie fan and… your work is absolutely priceless for me. Thank you so much, you did a wonderful job and I hope you keep on doing it forever!”

“I love your site, it’s excellent. I’m also an avid fan and especially love your ‘Wolverine Appearances’ updates. Thanks again for a wonderful web site.”

“I am impressed by the work that you have done on your Wolverine Files. It is very well detailed and researched, and is perhaps the finest compilation of Logan’s past I have read. I commend the work you have done, and I appreciate your attention to detail.”
-Wolfram Bane

“I just stumbled upon your site, and I’m thrilled to see such a detailed chronology of Wolverine. Thanks, and keep up the good work.”
-Michael Curtis Williams

“I was just going through the Wolverine Files. Excellent work.”

“Hey, great site! Keep up the good work chronicling Wolverine’s rather daunting history. Thanks for your time and effort!”
-Dustin Hall

“Keep up the good work, your website rocks!”
-Jos Gagné

“I found your web [site] recently, it’s great! Way to go! Thank you for your perfect work.”

“G’day My name is Edward from Australia. I’m a huge fan of Wolverine and have been since I watched the old ’90s X-Men cartoon. But over the years I kinda stopped buying comics and only kept up to date on Wolverine through Wizard. I just finished reading your Wolverine Files and just wanted to thank you as I’m really in the mood to start reading Wolverine comics again… I think your doing a great job, and it looks like it would have taken ages to get that awesome info together. I really hope you keep working on it and update it soon…”

“Great resource site! None better!”

“Hey, I love your Wolverine Files. I’m shocked to see that it’s a new website, looks like you’ve uploaded a ton of material, and I can’t wait ’til you update and add on from 030. This is an instant favorite website for me from now on, keep up the awesome work.”

“Just a quick email to let you know that is a great site you have going there. Easy to nav and read. Keep it up!”

“Your site looks great, and it seems like you put a lot of work into it.”

“Wonderful job on your work on Wolverine timeline… please, please keep ’em coming. Again awesome job, keep it up. Don’t stop ’til it is done!”

“Thank you already for the wonderful job you’ve done in this site.”

“Had a chance to go through your site – jeez I must have been poking around for quite a long and there’s still a bunch more. Kudos on putting everything you did into it!”

“The page is great – I am really getting a ton of insight into the history of the character. I read a similarly themed site earlier in the year… and your page has a much more logical and smooth flow to it. Good stuff.”

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