Wolverine News: Coming in December

Wolverine #70 cover

Wolverine News
Marvel Solicitations for December 2008 (CBR)
Weapon X: First Class #1 Preview as FREE Marvel Digital Comics Exclusive (as of 9/23)

Probable Wolverine Appearances This Week
-Wolverine: Origins #28 (preview): Dark Deceptions prologue.
-Wolverine: First Class #7 (preview): Wolverine in the Soviet Union.
-Wolverine: Roar (preview): Another one-shot (or possibly Wolverine Annual #2).
-X-Force #7 (preview): Old Ghosts, Part One (plus Yost Talks X-Force)
-X-Men Legacy #216 (preview): Cameo confirmed.
-New Avengers #45 (preview): Cover cameo, possible House of M appearance.
-Ultimates 3 #5: The finale, finally.
-Ultimate Fantastic Four/Ultimate X-Men Annual (preview): Part two of two.

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15 years ago

Whoa! Gambit and Wolverine were in Weapon X together ? That is really sweet, I kind of like that idea. I can’t wait to read Weapon X : First Class. X-Force also looks like it’s going to be really cool. I like how they are keeping the team a secret from the folks at San Francisco. But I’m mostly excited for the Wolverine Origins comic , I guess because I like the relationship between Logan and his son. I want things to work out for poor Logan, and I hope Daken isn’t killed off in some stupid manner. X-Men Original… Read more »

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