Wolverine TV: X-Men 03 – Enter Magneto

Wolverine Files features every Wolverine’s TV appearances in order, continuing with #5…

Enter Magneto, the third episode of the X-Men animated series, aired on November 27, 1992 and introduced both Magneto and Sabretooth as villains, while continuing the season one plot line involving Beast’s incarceration.

For longtime fans, Wolverine’s hatred of Sabretooth was refreshing to see in a Saturday morning cartoon. As for the best line, it comes when Wolverine responds to Professor Xavier, “How come we’re supposed to trash your old enemy, but we gotta go easy on mine?”

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15 years ago

I love the new format/content schedule!!!!!
I can’t help but check out the site on a daily basis now.
Keep up the great work DiG!
We are all very gratefull.

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