Classic Wolverine Covers: Deathblow and Wolverine #2

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Deathblow and Wolverine #2 is a personal favorite of mine and one not all that well known.

Back in 1996, Marvel Comics and Image crossed over two of their most popular characters in a story that takes place in the early days of the new X-Men. The artwork by Aron Wiesenfeld and Richard Bennett is simply breathtaking, and the second issue, from February 1997, sports an especially impressive cover…

Wolverine Covers: Deathblow and Wolverine #2

…with an even more impressive opening spread from the first issue…

Deathblow and Wolverine #1 opener

…and some truly spectacular original art from the second (and final) issue from the collection of Tim Townsend.

Deathblow and Wolverine #2 original splash

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15 years ago

I wouldn’t want to see Logan drawn like this every issue, but I enjoy different interpretations of someone as scary looking as Wolverine.

15 years ago

I really didn’t like how they drew wolvie’s face in this series, very similar to the Punisher mini Damaging Evidence.

15 years ago

I’m glad to see a lesser known famous cover. I’ve never read this mini series, but now I wish I did ! Thanks for picking a new amazing cover for us Dig. :) It’s always a pleasure to visit your site.

15 years ago

Probably not canon, but I try to fit such stories into continuity with a note saying that it might not have happened.

15 years ago

Was this story considered canon?

15 years ago

How many issues was this one ?

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