New Exiles #11 Review: The Return of Hydra-Wolverine

New Exiles #11 coverNew Exiles #11
“The Killing Field”
Writer: Chris Claremont
Penciler: Paco Diaz Luque; Inker: Norberto Fernandez

Exiles used to be a fun, irreverent series, romping through a collection of alternate Marvel Universes. It was a breath of fresh air from the melodrama so prevalent in so many of Marvel’s books and I always looked forward to each issue.

Then Chris Claremont was handed the keys, the series was relaunched as New Exiles, and all the fun was lost. We are now left with verbosity, mutants galore and melodrama that makes daytime soap operas look tame by comparison.

This month is no different with the return of Hydra-Wolverine, an issue truly for Wolverine completists only.

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From Marvel (preview): “The bulk of the New Exiles have been off saving an alternate Earth, while their leader, Sabretooth, stayed behind. What has Apocalypse’s former horseman been doing? His attention has turned to a threat that’s been hovering on the periphery of the Exiles’ awareness… Madame Hydra, Susan Storm, and her own band of reality-hopping associates! But can Sabretooth take on Sue’s entire team on his own?” On sale September 10, 2008.

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