Classic Wolverine Covers: X-Men/Alpha Flight #1

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Back in May 1998, a young artist by the name of John Cassaday exploded onto the comics scene with X-Men/Alpha Flight #1. The artwork was simply amazing and his layouts even more breathtaking, especially for an artist who was only 17 at the time…

Wolverine Covers: X-Men/Alpha Flight #1

First up are two panels by John Cassaday from X-Men/Alpha Flight #2 that perfectly capture Wolverine at his very best…

X-Men/Alpha Flight panel by John Cassaday X-Men/Alpha Flight panel by John Cassaday

Next, we have another panel from the same issue that still blows me away to this day. The composition is utter perfection.

And remember, John Cassaday was only 17 at the time…

X-Men/Alpha Flight panel by John Cassaday

Bring it on, indeed…

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Glenn Selser
15 years ago

Wow I did not ever see this or know cassiday did it.Its a little rough, but still definately his style. Always been a big fan of his.
Oh, Shaman is the lower panel looks like he is flings Poo at whoever they are charging. He is a earth Sahman so power over poo would make sense and scary.

15 years ago

I always found it interesting how Logan regrets having his full memories back. It was like opening Pandora’s box for him. Out of all the big huge Marvel events, I think House of M was the biggest and most important out of all of them. Not only did it start a chain of events that led toward Dark Reign, but it had a lasting and profound effect on the most popular hero of all. And thankfully it wasn’t retconned like some of the other heroes. It would be interesting to have a group discussion on this matter. Personally I can… Read more »

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