Classic Wolverine Covers: ROM #18

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I know what you’re thinking.

ROM? ROM Spaceknight?

Yup, ROM it is (for the uninitiated, there is the Wikipedia entry, guaranteed to be at least 75% accurate).

Back in 1981, Wolverine, for the first time, began to appear in a slew of comics other than Uncanny X-Men. In fact, 1981 marked his most crossovers to date. Eight in one year.

Nowadays, Wolverine appears in eight issues in a single week.

But back to 1981 (May to be exact), Wolverine was front and center (or more accurately center right) on ROM #18.

Does the artwork look familiar? It should. It’s Frank Miller

Wolverine Covers: ROM #18

Next up is the terrific original artwork from David Mandel who has amassed a tremendous collection of Wolverine covers.

Not that I’m jealous or anything…

Wolverine Covers ROM #18 original artwork

Finally, two more 1981 Wolverine covers by Frank Miller: The preceding issue, ROM #17, and finally, What If? #27 answering the question, What If Phoenix Had Not Died

ROM #17 cover . What If? #27 cover

Man, I love Frank Miller artwork…

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15 years ago

Oh cool. I would totally love to see more appearances like this. I don’t even know who Rom is.

Can you post his different Secret Defenders appearances? Or maybe the different times he joined Fantastic Four?


Glenn Selser
15 years ago

I really liked Rom when I was younger. It was because of creative mind of Bill Mantlo who is one of those former comic writers many have forgotten about. But he was a good reliable wirter who did the Hulk, Cloak and Dagger and Spiderman teamup. He also took lame toys and turned them into pretty good comics for thier time (Rom and Micronauts).
Sadly he has fallen on hard times
But yeah the comic brings back memeories, especailly that issue because I was a X-men and Rom fan so I remmeber it well.

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