Classic Wolverine Covers: Marvel Team-Up #117

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Back in the day, Marvel Team-Up was THE crossover book at Marvel Comics. You knew your favorite character had made the big time if he got to share the billing with Spider-Man! It was like being on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Or, perhaps to be more modern, chosen by Oprah to be in her eponymous Book Club.

So believe it or not, it wasn’t until May 1982, that Wolverine got his big break with Marvel Team-Up #117. And Wolverine was such a non-star at this point in his career that he didn’t even have a proper logo for his name!

The cover itself is by Bob Layton and Joe Rubenstein. Not the greatest cover in the world, I admit, but when it hit the stands, it meant Wolverine had finally made the big time.

Wolverine Covers: Marvel Team-Up #117

After the jump is the reprint cover and it’s even better than the original…

The late Marshall Rogers improved upon the original with the Marvel Tales #243 reprint cover from 1990…

Marvel Tales #243 cover

Of course, I’m not sure what Spider-Man is doing with his right hand. One hopes he’s not trying to give Wolverine a wedgie!

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12 years ago

I got to read some of the scans of this fight. Logan totally pwned Spider Man in this comic. Logan was relentless like he always is, and Parker was pretty much overwhelmed in this one. Which totally made up for how lame their first encounter was.

12 years ago

scans please so we can bitch and argue, I think wolvie just kept attacking and spidey was surprised and disgusted, If spidey wanted to he could have swatted him away into unconciousness. His pimp slapping of wolvie and the rest of the xmen in secret wars was pretty representitive of how it should have done.

Glenn Selser
12 years ago

I think Spidey is giving Logan a much needed back rub. He is always so tense that I am sure Peter was just trying to help him relax before some big battle.

12 years ago

Bear in mind that the fight you are referring to is from Spider-Man vs. Wolverine (Feb 1987) and not this particular issue of Marvel Team-Up.

12 years ago

Section 15 SPECIAL DEDICATION; WOLVERINE VS. SPIDERMAN Click the link above to view the scans and pm the owner of the comic if you disagree. jinzin proves a heavy backup argument though that Spider Man and Wolverine were just sizing each other up in their first encounter. Which makes sense that Round Two happened very differently. Simply bitch slapping Logan isn’t going to work, It’s safe to say that these two characters are at least more then a match for each other. The first encounter did not result in Logan’s unconsciousness however, so you are completely wrong about that. The… Read more »

12 years ago

sounds kinky. <3

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