Wolverine News: Official Movie & Hulk Vs. Trailer Plus March Marvel Comics Previews

The recent deluge of Wolverine announcements is forcing me to add Wolverine News Updates on a more frequent basis. So to start, MySpace launched the official trailer to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Check it out below…

Marvel and Lionsgate debuted the latest Hulk vs Wolverine trailer (it’s really starting to look like a movie tie-in now) with the beginnings of a new website

And finally, Marvel Comics previews for March 2009 were released (with probable/possible Wolverine appearance listed below)…

March 4: Astonishing Tales #2; Avengers/Invaders #9; Marvel Spotlight: Wolverine; Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine #3 (really!); Ultimatum #4; Wolverine and the X-Men Magazine #2; Wolverine Poster Book #1; X-Men Noir #4…
March 11: Nothing? Really?
March 18: Uncanny X-Men #507; Wolverine #71; Wolverine: Origins #34; X-Force #13
March 25: New Avengers #51; Wolverine: First Class #13; X-Force/Cable: Messiah War Prologue #1; X-Infernus #4

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15 years ago

Let me get this straight.

Hulk. Weapon X, including Sabertooth, Deadpool, and the Professor. Then Omega Red, Deathstrike, and what looks like a bunch of potential Wolverine clones.

How long is this supposed to be? And what kind of story line is going to tie all of these together?

15 years ago

It probably won’t be exactly like the comics. They probably remade the history of Deathstrike and Deadpool, in order to fit it into the movie. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

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