Secret Invasion #8 Review (and Open Thread): That’s It?!?

Secret Invasion #8 coverSecret Invasion #6
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: Leinil Yu; Inker: Mark Morales

The headline says it all.

That’s it?!?

I don’t want to spoil it for those of you who haven’t read the issue yet, but suffice it to say, that’s it?!?

The big event that has dominated the Marvel Universe for nine months. That has been in the hopper for over four years since before even New Avengers launched, and this is all we get?

After the jump, I’ll comment in more detail (SPOILER ALERT, WILL ROBINSON, SPOILER ALERT!!!) and give everyone an opportunity to praise, vent and/or wax poetic on Secret Invasion #8 in our all-new OPEN THREAD.

Okay, it’s nothing new, it’s just the regular old comments, but I encourage everyone to join in.

But again, SPOILER ALERT!!! after the jump and in the open thread comments…

Let’s review Marvel’s preview text, “THIS IS IT!! The truly shocking conclusion to THE comic event hit of the year. And you are not prepared for what will happen in these pages. Heroes will rise, heroes will fall…and the Marvel Universe will, and we’re not joking, NEVER be the same again!”


One death.

Everyone taken over by the Skrulls returned safe and sound.

And Norman Osborn put in charge of everything because of a single shot.

How ridiculous is that?

So if anyone can shed light on why Norman Osborn is not in prison to begin with, I would appreciate it (I hope it has nothing to do with the horrendous One More Day magical switcheroo).

So enough of my prattling… on with your comments!

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15 years ago

They’re finally going to finish that? lol.

That’s going to be interesting.

15 years ago

“That’s from Lost In Space. ^_^”

Oh yes, I saw some pictures and I did remeber the robot.

“They’re finally going to finish that? lol.”

Yes, you can go on wikipedia, that’s where I found out, just write “Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk”. Leinil Francis Yu will take again on this miniseries after finishing Secret Invasion, which is now finished.

15 years ago

I don’t mind the change. I actually enjoy when the status quo gets tossed in the air. I just want it to have lasting ramifications. House of M: No more mutants… well, there are still a bunch of mutants running around… Civil War: Superhero registration and fugitive heroes… well, except when they turn a blind eye and work together… World War Hulk: I agree with roleplaying on this one. I must have excised this event from my memories… Secret Invasion: War of the Worlds with Skrulls… well, except no one gets hurt and all we do is set up for… Read more »

Glenn Selser
15 years ago

Yeah I can see why you did not like it. But what I liked was issue 8. I think the series tie ins and all were very weak and overblown (Especially all those damn useless Avengers issues). But I think 8 was a very good fast paced issue. What the whole series should have been. The death of the Wasp can easily be reversed since we know she went to Asgardian desert of afterlife courtsey of Thor. All superhero deaths are pointless, we know that Capt America will be back in the coming years. No one stays dead. Also I… Read more »

15 years ago

I have an idea for next December when they pull out another batch of What If? titles. “What if Wolverine killed the Skrull Queen?” After all, he was right there to take her head off when suddenly Norman Osborn shot her. It would be rather intriguing to see Wolverine possibly offered the role that Norman has been given, become the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. or be placed upon a mantle of heroism with the likes of Captain America. He’d instantly become the face of mutants in the Marvel Universe.

15 years ago

Now that would be good.

15 years ago

It would be unfair to say that nothing happened. We do know that the Illuminati is now run by different people, I think Norman Osborn being in charge is a big difference. Also we know that Iron Man is being blamed for all of this and SHIELD no longer exists. That is a big change in the Marvel Universe, and maybe this is a set up for the apocalyptic future that is seen in Old Man Logan. Yeah it took 8 issues, but it did create some big differences. And yeah I think it matters as much as House of… Read more »

15 years ago

Yeah. But didn’t they use that as the tag line for Civil War, World War Hulk, House of M, and every other comic book tie in that we got? The freaking Hulk loses his wife and comes to earth ready to spill blood and who dies? No one important especially not the people he thought were responsible. See what I mean? They might change a few things around, but I learned not to get my hopes up high when it comes to these big events. (Though it was fun to see Hulk bitch slap the Sentry around) Heroes will rise:… Read more »

15 years ago

As a UK Reader, who won’t get to see the full thing for months, What happened to Cage? I know something bad, but that’s it.
Confess I agree with DiG, putting Osborn in charge is like asking Myra Hindell to babysit. A REALLY BAD IDEA.
I confess I was hoping after SI, Marvel life could return to some level of normality (ie Fury in charge of SHIELD, Cap doing what he does, WOlverine a hero) but instead things seem to have got worse.

15 years ago

The truth is Ultimate Universe is better than Marvel Universe because sometimes it beats the odds, I mean, WW Hulk and Secret Warsm 2 wars when nobody dies, expect for the Wasp.

By the way, I heard that the remaining issues of Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk will be on sale in january or february 2009.

15 years ago

That is awesome!

15 years ago

I must say that I lost much interest in this event, but I gained some interest for issue 7 and 8, and issue 8 was the better of “Secret Invasion”, expect for one think: the super heroes the skrull kidnapped, they were all alive, for me it doesn’t make sense, declaring war to planet Earth without killing the super heroes, anyway.

The thing that surprised me the most was that secret meeting at the end of the book. Emma Frost was there, does that mean she’s going to betray the X-Men?

By the way, who is Will Robinson??

15 years ago

My problem more than anything else is that this was supposed to be the finale for the Secret Invasion event, not merely the stepping stone for the next big event. We’ve had a build up for months and the big ending turned out to be the prologue to the next story.

So are we left with a changed playing field? Yes.

But, for me, I felt this interminable storyline needed a satisfying finale along the lines of Aliens or Terminator to really work as a major event.

15 years ago

So if anyone can shed light on why Norman Osborn is not in prison to begin with, I would appreciate it

I think Norman has done a lot of work for the government under the Thunderbolts. And I also know he stole some important information from Nick Fury and Deadpool.

There seems to be a lot of people running around who should be arrested already. Remember Charles Xavier and the whole Onslaught saga? Yeah… It hurts my brain too.

15 years ago

By the way, who is Will Robinson?? That’s from Lost In Space. ^_^ What happened to Cage? His kid was taken away by a Skrull. This whole Dark Reign thing would be better if Spider Man didn’t go backwards in One More Day. Hell he could of ended up leading the Dark Avengers. It’s not just with the Major Marvel Tie In’s though. All of the major X-Men events have been a big waste of time. Messiah Complex had such promise, but no one important died and Manifest Destiny undid everything in a few issues. I can see why you… Read more »

Glenn Selser
15 years ago

Here is the Secret Invasion in a couple of crayon drawn pages

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