Wolverine News: Finally… Secret Invasion #8

No much yet on Secret Invasion #8 (in stores this Wednesday) except for the above cover, but we do have a few Wolverine-related interviews…
Marc Sumerak on Weapon X: First Class from CBR
Catching Up on X-Force with Chris Yost from Newsarama

Comics Previews for the coming week of probable Wolverine appearances…
– Secret Invasion #8: After all this waiting, this finale better be awesome. No preview available…
– Weapon X: First Class #2 (preview): Intriguing series continues…
– Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #2 (preview): Jason Aaron’s impressive miniseries kicks it up a notch…
– Wolverine and Power Pack #2: More all ages funs. No preview available…
– What If? House of M (preview): What if Scarlet Witch had said, “No More Powers!”
– X-Infernus #1 (preview): The return of Illyana or Darkchylde or whoever the hell she is now…

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Glenn Selser
15 years ago

New Secret Invasion is really good. Its pace was what the rest of the series should have been. Great ending, Namor is back to the way I like him. If only it had been 4 issues instead of 8 and maybe 4 signicant tie-ins instead of 500 useless ones.

15 years ago

So far my favorite titles go in this order:

1) X-Force
2) Origins
3) New Avengers
4) First Class
5) Old Man Logan

I really hope Dark Avengers doesn’t disappoint. Especially if it takes over New Avengers after issue 50.

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