Wolverine Saudade Review: Viva Le Glouton

Wolverine: Saudade coverWolverine: Saudade
Writer: Jean-David Morvan
Artist: Philippe Bouchet
Translation: Alexandra Hain-Cole
Adaption: Larry Hama

Wolverine: Saudade is an English translation of a French Wolverine one-shot produced a few years back, taking place during the Grant Morrison ‘New X-Men’ run.

It’s very European in feel, very offbeat and in my opinion, quite good.

It has an emotional center that I find missing from many of Marvel titles nowadays and the final four pages pack a powerful wallop that I wasn’t quite expecting.

I’m not sure this is what I would want every month, but for this month at least, it suffices quite nicely.

Have you read this issue? Share YOUR thoughts below…

From Marvel (preview): “Presented for the first time in North America: an amazing tale by two of Europe’s top creators, starring one of the world’s most popular super heroes! While on holiday in Brazil, the X-Man known as Wolverine has his motorcycle stolen by a group of young boys — one of whom has a secret. When a brutal gang kidnaps the boy, Logan sets off on a quest to find him — leading to a deadly encounter with a corrupt faith healer who may not be what he appears! WOLVERINE: SAUDADE is a vicious saga of bloody revenge as only Wolverine can deliver!” On sale September 10, 2008.

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Glenn Selser
15 years ago

I plan to go this issue now. I have always been fascinated by the european issues the big 2 do sometimes.
Glad you mentioned it I would have missed it otherwise

15 years ago

You are 100% correct. I did enjoy this issue very much and I kinda wish the Annual was this good. I can only hope that maybe the one shots they produce in the future could at least attempt this level of story telling.

On a unrelated note I voted for you for the Project Fanboy Annual Awards. Your site is a million times better then the Logan Files. Long live Dig’s Wolverine Files, the only true Wolverine fan site !


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