Classic Wolverine Covers: Classic X-Men #1

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In September of 1986, Marvel Comics released Classic X-Men, a series reprinting early new X-Men stories with additional pages and backup stories by Chris Claremont and John Bolton.

And awesome new covers by Arthur Adams

Wolverine Covers: Classic X-Men #1

First up is a preliminary cover sketch by Arthur Adams from the collection of Drew Cheskin.

Wolverine Covers: Classic X-Men #1

There also seems to be an earlier preliminary sketch courtesy of Fog City Art Exchange.

Next, we have the homage covers for Avengers Classic #1 by Arthur Adams himself from 2007 and The Official Handbook of the Universe: X-Men – Age of Apocalypse 2005 (whew!) by Mark Brooks

Classic Avengers #1 cover Age of Apocalypse Handbook cover

It is interesting to note that early issues of Classic X-Men also boasted art on the inside front cover, and this stunning Arthur Adams frontispiece from the first issue is perhaps the best new X-Men team picture ever done…

Wolverine Covers: Classic X-Men #1 frontispiece

And finally, we feature the back cover by John Bolton, a teaser for the all-new pages Chris Claremont and John Bolton incorporated into Classic X-Men #1

Classic X-Men #1 back cover

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15 years ago

Damn right that is iconic ! I’ve seen that Wolverine pose in every single X-Men sponsor and Wolverine related merchandise. I think I say the same Logan image in the X-Men video game instruction booklet. Thanks for bringing this up though, I never got to read the X-Men Classic comic books, just the Essential ones. (Minus the bonus stories that appear in the classic issues)

15 years ago

Very interesting mate.

I especially like the Avengers Classic #1. ^_^

Your hardwork is appreciated.

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