Wolverine TV: X-Men 01 – Night of the Sentinels, Part I

Wolverine Files features every Wolverine’s TV appearances in order, continuing with #3…

The X-Men animated series debuted on Halloween 1992 and had a successful run of five seasons over six years, making it the longest-running Marvel Comics-based TV series.

All in all, it was a pretty good series with terrific opening credits and music. And Wolverine finally came into his own, as his voice actor, Cal Dodd, dropped his infamous Australian accent.

The pilot episode, Night of the Sentinels, was split into two parts, and featured a strong X-Men lineup, the sentinels and a series of classic Wolverine lines including, “I go where I wanna go. Outta my way, Gumbo.”

And make sure to check out the storyboards for the opening credits, the model sheet for Wolverine and the differences between the original pilot and its later rebroadcasts courtesy of what appears to be an abandoned website, DRG4.

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Congo Jack
12 years ago

This series was fantastic, and Wolverine was the character that they translated better than any other. It gets really poor during the final seasons but mostly great scripts that featured one of the best incarnations of the character ever, and his relationship with his various team-mates.

Also, Cal Dodd will forever be the voice of Wolverine to me.

12 years ago

While Dig might say that Chris Claremont and Frank Miller created the original “Wolverine mold”. Millions of Wolverine fans would of never of picked up a X-Men comic if it wasn’t for this cartoon. (Me included) Of course the Wolverine portrayed in this cartoon is just a cheesy intimation of the Logan we all know and love. But this was a necessary stepping stone that lead us in the right direction. Thank goodness for crappy Saturday morning cartoons.

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