Wolverine TV: Pryde of the (Australian) X-Men

Wolverine Files features every Wolverine’s TV appearances in order, continuing with #2…

Pryde of the X-Men was the pilot episode for a proposed X-Men Saturday morning cartoon series, one that was never picked up. Nonetheless, the pilot did debut in 1989 to mixed reviews.

On the one hand, Wolverine still has his atrocious Scottish-Australian accent (and the same voice actor, Neil Ross), Stan Lee narrates in his usual overly bombastic style and the theme song is simply awful (“Magneto’s hoards are on the way to village, burn and plunder. But there’s one team that will not yield, the team that strikes like thunder. X-Men, X-Men!”).

On the other hand, for the late 1980s, the animation and character designs are really quite good, the cast of heroes and villains is pretty strong, and Wolverine is about as cranky as one can get on Saturday morning cartoons (“The X-Men don’t have room for whiny brats!”).

And be sure not to miss the storyboards from ‘Pryde of the X-Men’ at StoryboardPro.com.

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12 years ago

I tracked down a copy of this when I became a big fan of the 90’s cartoon. I think I found my copy in a super market. I had no idea that this was the same Wolverine voice actor that played him in the 90’s version. I think that is pretty cool and I’m happy he lost the Australian accent. Because that is the voice everyone imagines when they think of Wolverine. I wasn’t a big fan of the voice actor who did the voice for Logan in X-Men : Evolution.

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