Wolverine News: Fan Expo and November Previews

Weapon X: First Class coverLots of Wolverine news from the Fan Expo in Toronto this weekend as well as the nearly 20 Wolverine appearances in ‘Marvel Previews’ for November…

Wolverine News from Fan Expo in Toronto
Weapon X: First Class (ComicBookResources.com)
More on Weapon X:-First Class (Newsarama.com)
Spider-Man/X-Men (ComicBookResources.com)
More on Spider-Man/X-Men (Newsarama.com)
X-Men’s Destiny (ComicBookResources.com)

Wolverine Invades Marvel Preview (IGN.com)
X-Men Titles (at least nine appearances!)
Secret Invasion (up to four more?)
Avengers/Invaders, Wolverine and M.A. (another three!!)
Ultimate Ultimatum (Probably two to three more appearances!!!)


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15 years ago

I’m looking forward to Weapon X: First Class. This was the first article I read this morning and it cheered me up. :)

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