Sales Analysis: Adjectiveless X-Men #103-211

Sales over the past eight years of the ‘adjectiveless’ X-Men series have declined some 20%, but considering the collapse of other titles over the same period, these numbers are quite resilient, especially for the junior X-Men series in the Marvel universe.

X-Men sales

And while there have been many jumps in sales since 2000, the letters on the chart above correspond to the most pronounced spikes:

– A: Issue 114 (sales of 135,394) featured the debut of Grant Morrison as series writer
– B: Issue 151 (sales of 124,012) was Grant Morrison’s final arc, the future of the X-Men with Marc Silvestri as artist
– C: Issue 188 (sales of 95,487) kicked off the Mike Carey/Chris Bachalo run
– D: Issue 200 (sales of 136,672) started the ‘Endangered Species’ backup series
– E: Issue 207 (sales of 104,793) concluded the ‘Messiah CompleX’ crossover event

Actual data comes from the monthly top 300 charts generated by

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