Sales Analysis: New Avengers #1-41

Brian Bendis followed up the hugely successful ‘Avengers: Disassembled’ storyline with the new series, ‘New Avengers’. Sales for the first issue topped 240,000, and while numbers did understandably decline, sales stayed well above 120,000 for 31 of its first 32 issues. And while sales have dropped to the 100,000 range recently, ‘New Avengers’ has achieved a most impressive run during its first 3 1/2 years.

New Avengers sales

The letters on the chart above correspond to spikes in sales as shown below (some increases significant, but most less so):

– A: Issue 5 (sales of 162,412) featured Wolverine joining the team and on the cover
– B: Issue 21 (sales of 134,278) was a Civil War crossover boasting ‘New Avengers: Disassembled’
– C: Issue 23 (sales of 154,262) was another big Civil War crossover featuring Spider-Woman
– D: Issue 27 (sales of 130,531) promoted the return of the New Avengers
– E: Issue 31 (sales of 160,911) teased the infamous “most important last page of the year,” unveiling the Skrull secret Invasion
– F: Issue 40 (sales of 110,470) started the ‘Secret Invasion’ crossover issues

Actual data comes from the monthly top 300 charts generated by

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15 years ago

Sorry for being offtopic again. (I love your charts.) But can I request your opinion on the latest Wolverine movie news ? Here is the list of actors for your convenience . Hugh Jackman … Logan / Wolverine Ryan Reynolds … Wade Wilson / Deadpool Liev Schreiber … Victor Creed / Sabretooth Dominic Monaghan … Barnell Bohusk / Beak Lynn Collins … Silver Fox Danny Huston … William Stryker Daniel Henney … David North / Agent Zero Taylor Kitsch … Remy LeBeau / Gambit Kevin Durand … Frederick J. Dukes / The Blob Here is a link to some new… Read more »

15 years ago

I tend to wait until the movies come out to weigh in. I remember the outrage when Michael Keaton was announced as Batman. Then the film came out and he was being hailed as the best Batman ever (up to that point).

Also, having done some film work myself, it is amazing the difference between the shoot and the final product.

So, fingers crossed!

15 years ago

Hey I have a new random question for you. Do you think you can do one of these for “House of M” , “Civil War”, “World War Hulk”, and “Secret Invasion” ? That way we could compare which of these sagas was better ?

That would make a very interesting chart !

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