Sales Analysis: ‘Ultimate X-Men’ #1-94

Following the huge success of ‘Ultimate Spider-Man,’ Marvel decided to ultimatize their mutants and launched ‘Ultimate X-Men’ in December of 2000. The first issue logged impressive sales of 116,017, but those numbers didn’t last, dropping down to the 90,000 range over the next 2 1/2 years.

Ultimate X-Men sales

The letters on the chart above correspond to spikes in sales as articulated below (some sales increases significant, but most less so):

– A: Issue 34 (sales of 110,753) began Brian Bendis’ Wolverine-Spider-Man crossover
– B: Issue 38 (sales of 117,729) featured Brian Bendis and Ultimate Phoenix
– C: Issue 50 (sales of 103,154) boasted Brian K. Vaughan and Ultimate Gambit
– D: Issue 61 (sales of 87,097) kicked Brian K. Vaughan’s final run
– E: Issue 75 (sales of 73,837) starred Ultimate Cable by Robert Kirkman
– F: Issue 87 (sales of 63,028) offered up the Ultimate Sentinels by Robert Kirkman

Actual data comes from the monthly top 300 charts generated by

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16 years ago

Aren’t all the Ultimate titles decreasing in popularity ?

I enjoyed them myself. I know a few new generation comic book fans who enjoy this series more then the 616 original. It’s easier to adapt to the Ultimate universe, because there is less of a complicated back story to research.

I myself like both of them. ^_^

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