‘X-Force: Sex and Violence’ #3 Open Thread

X-Force: Sex and Violence #3 (preview)
Writer: Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost
Art: Gabriele Dell’Otto

From Marvel: “The blood soaked conclusion!! Wolverine is the best he is at what he does. Domino is the luckiest there is at what she does. But this time, it’s not going to be enough. The full force of the Assassins Guild is coming down on our heroes, and it’s not going to be pretty. Except for the art.”

On sale September 9, 2010.

And if you haven’t picked up the issue, make sure to read the preview, linked next the series title above.




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13 years ago

Too many H’s (Hhttp) in your preview link. Just sayin’.

13 years ago

Thanks for the heads up — new computer (moved from PC to Mac) and I’m still getting used to variances in copy and paste. That said, it’s now fixed.

FYI, if anyone else catches any other errors across the site, please drop me a line at dig@wolverinefiles.com.

As for the issue, a terrific X-Force send off for Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost. They certainly kept their best for last. A rip-roaring good time made all the better with Gabriele Dell’Otto’s art.

Anyone else?

JmH Reborn
13 years ago

I loved it DiG…this is what X-Force should have been but unfortunately was bogged down by craptastic crossovers…like all series that fail.

Artwork was great and popcorn movie script and humorous dialogue was great. I think if this pair was given Uncanny X-Men like should be, then they’d still be here…

Wolverine getting road head is probably his greatest on-panel feat in history of comics…

13 years ago

and the fact that domino probably sat through 2 hours at the dmv and/or maybe held a licence plate maker at gunpoint to get that sweet “SNIKT!” custom plate shows that she really cares ;D

13 years ago

Wolverine getting a blowjob from Domino, is there anything else to say?? :D

13 years ago

Fears are usually nothing much more than a state of mind

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