And the Rest (9/1): Catching Up from Last Week…

Apologies for the late posts the past few weeks. I am still getting used to a new work schedule that puts me in New York City on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, not to mention recovering from a horrible stomach virus.

Oh, and don’t forget that new comics come out Thursday (today) this week…

All-New Wolverine Saga
Writer: Jeph York

Wolverine narrates the events of ‘Wolverine: Origins’ in advance of his descent to Hell. All things considered, Jeph York’s version might make more sense than the series itself.

Wolverine then goes on to give similarly interesting voice to the histories of X-23, X-Force and Daken.

All in all, a very engaging and useful history lesson for the new wave of Wolverine “universe’ titles coming out this month…

In stores now.




Franken-Castle #20 (preview)
Writer: Rick Remender
Art: Tony Moore, Paco Diaz & John Lucas

From Marvel: “The Punisher and Wolverine must kill Daken! In hunting Dark Wolverine, Frank Castle has unwittingly given him the thing he needed most to complete his mission of retribution. On the rooftops of Tokyo, The Punisher, in a broken body, and his unwitting partner Wolverine, his healing factor negated, fight against a vengeful son reborn in the Exo-Mind! Dear lord is it going to get bloody.”

In stores September 1, 2010.

An amusing story with lots of fun, bloody violence, but Wolverine’s paternal loyalty to Daken sure is getting tiresome…




Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #2 (preview)
Writer: Allan Heinberg
Pencils: Jim Cheung
Inks: Mark Morales with Jim Cheung

From Marvel: “THE RACE IS ON as the Avengers, the Young Avengers, and the X-Men compete to be the first to find the Scarlet Witch. When the Young Avengers discover the secret of Wanda Maximoff’s disappearance, the Avengers attempt to neutralize the Scarlet Witch before the Young Avengers can find her. But their efforts soon lead to an all-out war between the Avengers and the X-Men that only the Young Avengers can stop.”

In stores September 1, 2010.

Maybe I’ve seen Wolverine and Magneto do this dance way too many time before, because I think the Avengers/Magneto encounter would have worked much better without Wolverine.

That said, it’s a pretty cool cover.


In other appearances, Wolverine…
…briefly joins the vampire-hunting fun in Curse of the Mutants: Storm & Gambit #1 (preview)
…has a humorous one-page cameo in ‘X-Men: Smoke and Blood’ #1 (preview)…
…has a superfluous one-panel cameo in the first story of ‘I Am an Avenger’ (preview)…
…is featured in several of the one-page origins in ‘Origins of Marvel Comics: X-Men’
…AND has a disputed one-panel appearance in ‘Marvel Universe vs. the Punisher’ #3 (see page 4 of the preview for possible appearance)…


Probable/possible Wolverine appearances for the upcoming week (9/9/10)…

Daken: Dark Wolverine #1 (preview): Wolverine definitely appears…
New Avengers #4 (preview): “THIS ISN”T WORKING!”
X-Force: Sex and Violence #3 (preview): The blood-soaked conclusion…
X-Men #3 (preview): Dracula gets reassembled…

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13 years ago

On “Daken: Dark Wolverine #1” … Why does Way have to present Logan in the most disgusting, degraded, despicable manner over and over again? Has anyone ever figured out why he seems to hate Wolverine so much? Why was he given the privilege of writing him? It seems that his whole point is to build up his creation, Daken, by tearing down Logan. Does Way have some kind of “Daddy issues?” Did he have some sort of problems with his father, and can act them out now via Wolverine? Does anyone have a clue?????

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