X-Men #3 Open Thread: Mutants vs. Vampires

X-Men #3 (preview)
Writers: Victor Gischer
Pencils: Paco Medina
Inks: Juan Vlasco

From Marvel: “MUTANTS VERSUS VAMPIRES, PART 3: In a desperate bid to fend off an endless horde of vampires, the X-Men do the unthinkable: They resurrect Dracula. Will the former Lord of the Vampires go along with Cyclops’ scheme to take down Dracula’s upstart son, Xarus? Meanwhile, Wolverine sets off to rescue Jubilee, unaware of the chilling transformation she has undergone. To attempt to free his former teammate, Wolverine must embark down his darkest path yet.”

On sale September 9, 2010.




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13 years ago

I think I might have found this story more compelling if Wolverine wasn’t already in Hell, Hulked Out, Time Traveling, Possessed by the Eye of Agamotto, well, you get the point.

That said, I am eager to see where this story is going, especially as it related to Jubilee.

Anyone else?

13 years ago

I think the story would’ve been more compelling if they used a Hulked out, time traveling, possessed by the Eye of Agamotto, Wolverine in Hell to turn into a vampire only to find out that he’s actually a skrull.

13 years ago

Eh yeah, I just cant bring myself to even check this story out, it seems so gimmicky and blatently trying to capitalize on vampire popularity. and i was looking forward to the post-second coming x-men too, and bought that whole freaking crossover. And yeah I they’re walking a really fine line of continuity when they have so much crap going on with wolverine at once. I definitely don’t like it… and I’m not gonna shel out 40 bucks every wednesday just because they throw Wolverine on the cover or in a cameo in everything on the newsstand… stop diluting him… Read more »

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