And the Rest (6/30): Curse of the Kiss and Kill X-Campus

X-Campus #1 (no preview)
Writer: Francesco Artibani
Pencils: Denis Medri & Roberto Di Salvo
Inks: Marco Failla

From Marvel: “It’s an all-new, all-different version of the X-Men as told by some of Europe’s greatest comics storytellers! In this vivid re-imagining of the X-Men mythos, everything is not as it seems and teenaged versions of Cyclops, Beast, Wolverine, Iceman, Storm and Rogue face a threat worse even than super villains or race-destroying viruses… HIGH SCHOOL! When the troubled Anna Raven is recruited to join the Worthington Foundation, a school for the gifted, she jumps at the chance to escape her broken life. But one student who can’t control his unusual powers could bring everything crashing down, literally, as he threatens to destroy the entire school!”

In stores June 30, 2010.


Iron Man: Kiss and Kill #1 (preview)
Writer: Karl Kesel
Artist: Eric Nguyen

From Marvel: “He’s got the tux. He’s got the tech. He’s got the babes. But he’ll leave the martini, thank you very much. Tony Stark gets his spy on in these two twisty tales of espionage and international intrigue. First, Joe Ahearne (FANTASTIC FOUR) and Brian Ching (Star Wars) show you why the Black Widow is an Iron Man’s best friend when Tony has to go undercover to take down a foe using his own decommissioned tech! Then, Karl Kesel (MARVEL APES) and Eric Nguyen (HALO: BLOODLINE) take you behind the velvet rope when Tony infiltrates the Hellfire Club to help out a wayward thief. Good thing he’s got Wolverine to back him up! Wait, no, that’s not going to end well…”

In stores June 30, 2010.


X-Men: Curse of the Mutants Saga #1 (preview)

From Marvel: “Find out what’s in store for the X-Men post-SECOND COMING, and get a glimpse of how the mutants fit into Marvel’s Heroic Age – if they even fit in at all! Featuring an all-new original story by top X-talent with preview pages of UNCANNY X-MEN, NEW MUTANTS, X-MEN: LEGACY and the rest of your favorite X-titles.”

In stores June 30, 2010.


Don’t forget to add your thoughts in the comments below on any other Wolverine appearances from the week that we may have missed…


Finally, here are the probable/possible Wolverine appearances for the upcoming week (7/8/10) — and don’t forget, comics come out on Thursday this week…

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #1 (preview): Wolverine does appear on the cover…
Shadowland #1 (preview): Another cover appearance…
X-Force #28 (preview): Twice-delayed Chapter 13 of Second Coming…
X-Men #1 (preview): How novel! A new X-Men series…

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14 years ago

My two cents…

–X-Campus reads a lot like an X-Men cartoon, if you like that sort of thing in print form.

–Iron Man: Kiss and Kill should have been kissed and killed before it made print. Not a lot going for it.

–Curse of the Mutants is a nice X-Men preview including a few pages from Wolverine goes to Hell. And it’s free. Doesn’t get much better than that!

14 years ago

Do the Black Widow and Logan have a lip lock though? Be interesting to see if those two ever got together.

14 years ago

Actually, Black Widow and Logan aren’t even in the same story. Two Iron Man stories, one with Black Widow, one with Logan. So the cover is a case of marketing gone wild.

14 years ago

Darn, I was hoping for some closure there.

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