Astonishing X-Men #34 Open Thread: Too Little, Too Late?

Astonishing X-Men #34 (preview)
Writer: Warren Ellis
Breakdowns: Phil Jimenez
Finishes: Andy Lanning

From Marvel: “eXogenetic, Part 4: Gruesome Bio-Sentinels. Genetically-augmented Brood. Someone is taking the X-Men’s biggest threats and making them nightmares. As Cyclops and his team struggle to survive long enough to confront the one responsible, their tormentor has something even more horrible awaiting them!”

On sale June 30, 2010.

After an extended delay, Warren Ellis and Phil Jimenez finally bring us the next issue of ‘Astonishing X-Men’? Is this a case of too little, too late?

And if you haven’t picked up the issue, make sure to read the preview, linked below the series title above.


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13 years ago

Considering the last issue came out SIX MONTHS AGO — it’s a little hard to get too excited about an installment that merely builds up the suspense for the next issue.

And this is from someone who really enjoys Warren Ellis’s work.

13 years ago

I didn’t even remember where the story had left off it was so long ago. Sad.

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