Wolverine News & Previews (02/10): Second Coming Teaser

Comic Book Resources has unveiled a series of teasers for the next X-Titles crossover, ‘Second Coming’, featuring Wolverine in the final image (details)…

Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu talk with Comic Book Resources about Deadpool, X-23, Wolverine Origins and Dark Wolverine. Way reveals one key element has changed from his original ‘Wolverine Origins’ plans and who Romulus isn’t. (details)…

As for probable/possible Wolverine appearances this week (2/10/09), we have previews of…

New Mutants #10 (preview): Wolverine as a chess piece on the cover…
Super Hero Squad #2 (preview): The kiddie version of Wolverine…
Uncanny X-Men: First Class #8 (preview): Final issue, at Cassidy Keep…

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14 years ago

I wonder who is going to die in X-Men Second Coming. I’m kind of hoping it will be Cable. And I really really really don’t want Jean Grey to come back….

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