DiG Update: Snow-maggedon? Snow-pocalypse?

Just a quick update for everyone that since I live in Maryland, I am currently dealing with 24 inches of snow and counting.

The snow is certainly beautiful today, but that coupled with the loss of electricity (and heat!) means that I am running on computer and iPhone battery power, not to mention scarves, blankets and other rudimentary forms of heat.

So if a comment doesn’t get approved or posts don’t get updated, you will know the cause.

I will let everyone know once power returns… hopefully before the Super Bowl!


Power returned Saturday night, so no frozen bodies in the house, but cable has yet to return.

A friendly neighbor, however, allowed us to watch the Super Bowl on DirectTV, so that disaster was barely averted.

More snow on Tuesday!

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14 years ago

Be safe my friend.

14 years ago

Got more then 30 here at the house too. Three days of digging out but thankfully no power loss.

14 years ago

Stay warm. I’m so glad you got to watch the Super Bowl. What a game!!! WHO DAT!!!!!

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