Open Thread: Wolverine Savage #1

Wolverine: Savage #1 (Preview)
Writer: Ryan Dunlavey
Artist: Richard Elson

From Marvel: “Monsters on the high seas means TWO-FISTED CHOPPING ACTION! Wolverine takes the action to new levels as he slices and dices his way through a bevy of foes you’ll never expect!”

On sale February 3, 2010.

Share your thoughts of this off-beat Wolverine tale in the comments below.






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14 years ago

Wow. Pretty dreadful story. Played more for comedy than anything else. I would avoid this issue unless you are a completist.

Anyone out there like it?

14 years ago

Nope, it was bad. Pointless story, silly fights and bad side characters. Just another wasted one shot which is sad because they were pretty good for a while.

14 years ago

This was probably the worst one shot I’ve read in a long time. I think this was worse then “Flies to a Spider”. This didn’t even feel like it took place in current Marvel continuity. It might of been able to fit way back during the first series, before Larry Hama was writing the book.

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