Open Thread: Wolverine Weapon X #10

Wolverine Weapon X #10 (Preview)
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: C.P Smith

From Marvel: “The perfect jumping on point! Wolverine has never had luck with women. They usually die or try to kill him. So what happens when a new woman enters his life? You think you know how this one goes, but this one issue will stop even Wolverine dead in his tracks! This is the place to start reading if you’re not already — with stunning art by C.P. Smith, Jason Aaron is better than ever at what he does.”

On sale February 3, 2010.

The full review by jrpbsp will be up shortly, but in the meantime, share your thoughts on the core Wolverine series in the comments below.



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14 years ago

Another terrific issue. Perhaps the best one by Jason Aaron to date.

The Storm/Rogue/Jubilee/Cage pages were very well done.

Surprisingly tender issue.

14 years ago

I liked it myself though not as big of a fan of the one page cameos. They seem to have been mostly wasted. The first time we see Jubes and Logan together in like five years and its her berating him for a page? Definitely missed something.

14 years ago

Not to mention that Jubes looks quite a bit de-aged compared to how she’s looked recently. It looked like a flashback to the 90s. Still, I liked it. The whole thing kind of had the feeling of Wolverine issues . . . eh . . . don’t remember off the top of my head. The couple issues they had last fall where it detailed his schedule day after day throughout the week. Loved that one. :) Fun to see him interacting with people as friends. Too often I feel like the character interaction is pushed aside for action and such.… Read more »

14 years ago

There were some things that bugged me some. The Luke Cage bit bothered me, they could have used those panels for females or friends that have actual history with him. Jessica Drew, Tyger Tiger, Carol Danvers. That scene seemed so forced. I also would have honestly liked this issue be more of an oversized since I think they could have put more depth. Lack of Domino disturbed me since the cameo on the cover had me thinking she would make it. Domino/Wolverine is a natural relationship so that made me sadface. Overall, I liked the issue, wanted some more however.

14 years ago

@blackdew are you talking about wolverine 73 and 74 (i think)? the 2 issues before old man logan? will get this issue later today..

14 years ago

This was suppose to be a look back at some important females in Logan’s life, so at the very least it followed through with it’s promise. Because of this issue I am dreading “X-Force: Sex and Violence” . Now it just doesn’t feel appropriate for the sake of continuity. I’m not a big fan of writers contradicting each other, like the big screw up with Skarr and Logan a couple of months ago. I do agree that Jubilee and Logan deserve some more time together. I wish they would stop giving us crap like “Wolverine Savage” and just dedicate a… Read more »

14 years ago

I find it interesting that Wolverine does not acknowledge either Viper or Itsu as former wives, and when asked about children, he says nothing and simply leaves…no Daken here, no siree, bub. At least this author is not giving those characters any significance in his view of Logan’s story. I would have also expected some Tyger Tiger and some Carol Danvers, and I would have also liked a little nod to Rose.

14 years ago

I think Viper was mentioned if I remember correctly, Logan was asked to clear up what happened with Viper from his new girlfriend. I’m kind of glad no one pulled out a giant list and started going through everyone Logan has ever had sex with. It would of been a lot of wasted pages.

Though I would not of mind the book being double in size.

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