‘Wolverine Origins’ #44 Review: Escape Plan

Hey, everyone, jrpbsp here… Not sure how many reviews I can get through for the week so I wanted to start with ‘Wolverine: Origins’. Hope you enjoy it.

Wolverine Origins #44 (preview)
Writer: Daniel Way
Pencils: Doug Braithwaite
Inks: Bill Reinhold with Gary Erskine


RECAP: The issue opens with Wolverine cutting the lock to Ruby’s cell and triggering the alarm. He explains that she is the key to his plans and gets her to agree to leave with him. They let the female guard go even though the armed response units would be there in twenty seconds.

In the security office, they see that they have trapped Wolverine in the prison and the power dampeners are on. Before he can panic, the warden is called by Romulus who offers to help with Wolverine assuming that the warden tells him who Logan is there to free.

Meanwhile Wolverine explains his plan. They sit tight until the heavy hitter from H.A.M.M.E.R. shows up and the guards have to ease up the power dampeners. Then Cloak can get them out. Several guards show up at the door where Logan is held but they get a call from Romulus before they can act. Wolverine cuts through the door but the guards are already down except for one that is removing his uniform.

The warden orders a sector by sector search for Logan but they do not find him since they are dressed as guards. The  heavy hitter shows up, it is Skaar, the Hulk’s son who was actually sent by Banner. The warden orders the dampeners to be lowered as soon as Skaar makes direct contact. Skaar makes contact quickly, but is there at Wolverine’s request. Before he can call it in though the real solution arrives in the form of Ares.

Cloak is injured as Skaar and Ares batter each other. He still manages to teleport Ruby outside but is too weak continue. Ruby then goes off to find her own action. Logan tries to stop the fight but gets batted away by Ares. Instead of fighting, he manages to get Skaar to flee before the rest of the Avengers arrive. He grabs Wolverine and jumps out, smashing a H.A.M.M.E.R. jet in the process. They arrive to where Cloak is waiting and Logan helps him up. Wolverine asks about Ruby and we see that Romulus has taken her out.

MY TAKE: This is a another pretty good issue that does a decent job at advancing the story despite there being very little plot. Wolverine adds another member to his team, although they are trying to make it seem like she is not going to be any help. I did like the guests in the issue though, with Skaar adding some good action and amusing scenes. While I am not a major fan of Wolverine building a group like this, so far it is working better then expected.

I was glad to see Logan using his brain here, as well. Although I am still not a fan of his general lack of fighting skills in the series, it is nice to see him come up with a plan that does not rely on brute strength. It was good to see his reputation being respected too, often we see Wolverine merely getting brushed off by other characters.

Wolverine feels more natural here, with less thought balloons and a more flowing dialogue. He seems focused and confident and completely in charge of the situation which is a welcome change from the rather tentative way he has been portrayed. He even is able to keep Skaar focused and in control by pushing the right buttons.

I am still not a fan of Romulus however, and this issue gives me nothing new to enjoy. On the one hand we are given a master manipulator that has control and influence over everyone including a bunch of guards at a super-human detention center and even their warden. And then, at the end, he insists on going to the area personally to take out Wolverine’s secret weapon without knowing Wolverine’s plan or purpose. It is almost like Way is still not sure exactly what he wants Romulus to be and so the villain changes depending on the situation. I would prefer some more consistency and a bit more personality.

In the end, this was a much better then normal issue but still far from perfect. Not much really happens here story-wise, it is just another recruit acquisition and then escape. The whole thing is starting to feel overdone. I also wonder about the ending, considering that Ruby has a computer for a brain, getting clawed is not going to affect her much. If Romulus was so well connected he should have figured that out. This arc has definitely been a step up for the series but is starting to drag on a bit. Hopefully with Romulus making his appearance we can move on to the end of the storyline.

Thanks for reading my review for Wolverine Files. I will be keeping to this format for the most part but please keep the comments coming and I will see everyone again next time.

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14 years ago

I think Daniel Way is going out with a bang.

Only a couple more issues until the series ends. =)

14 years ago

Well 6 more so should end this Summer.

14 years ago

I have a big feeling that Daken is going to die. I would be surprised if he doesn’t.

Good review btw.

14 years ago

Well Way and Liu have confirmed plans for Daken post-Origins so I don’t expect he will die. Sadly.

14 years ago

Ha ha. You never know.

Liu might do something to surprise us. But right now I am with you on this one.

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