Wolverine Week-4-in-Review: Frank Tieri Returns

As previously mentioned, I plan to announce some nifty changes to the weekly Wolverine Files experience later tonight, but before that unveiling, let’s get to jrpbsp and his surprisingly positive review of ‘Wolverine Origins’ #44 (details)…

Wolverine has two other major appearances this week with ‘Wolverine: Wendigo!’ #23 (preview), reprinting Frank Tieri’s “Wolverine: Wendigo!” and “Wolverine vs. Thor’ from Marvel Digital Comics, and ‘X-Force’ #23 (preview), a confusing but satisfying continuation of the “X-Necrosha” storyline…

As for minor appearances, ‘Captain America: Reborn’ #6 (preview) features a Wolverine cover only cameo…

Finally, in non-continuity appearances, Wolverine has a humorous role in ‘Marvel Adventures Spider-Man’ #59 (preview), a separate continuity from all previous Marvel Adventure appearances, and a painful appearance in ‘X-Babies’ #4 (preview), thankfully the final issue in the miniseries…

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14 years ago

I can’t wait for his wrap up one shot featuring the return of MR.X

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