New Mutants #2 Review: My Name Is Legion for I Am… Many

Hey, everyone… Here is my second and final review for the week. I am reviewing the new New Mutants series.  Hope you enjoy it.

X-Men Legacy #224 cover New Mutants #2 (preview)
Writer: Zeb Wells
Pencilers: Diogenes Neves
Inkers: Cam Smith and Ed Tadeo

NOTE: Wolverine does not appear in this comic.


RECAP: The issue opens with Sam and Roberto debating with Illyana and Amara about Shan’s location. Her body is with the boys but her mind is trapped in Legion’s head. The girls tell her what is happening and we flash to Shan and the unknown mutant child fleeing from the rest of Legion’s personalities. And there are a lot of them now.

Shan tries to hide the child in the attic while keeping her doll which is a focus for Legion. But the rest of the personalities break in before Shan can really hide the girl. Bobby tries to break her free from her chair but Shan’s powers back fire and nearly pull him in too. Sam is forced to deck his friend to break him free.

Shan confronts the personalities and she is told they only want ‘The Fixers’ i.e. the four New Mutants from his first appearance, Rahne, Dani, Doug and Warlock. Shan fights them buying time to get the doll to the girl before she is pulled down.

With the girl in charge, her mother tried to protect her believing Legion is truly her daughter. Amara wants to take Legion to Emma to get the telepath’s help but her mother moves to stop them and is in turn restrained by her husband. The father understands that this is not their daughter and there is nothing they can do while she is being hunted in Legion’s mind.

With the girl taken, some of the less pleasant personalities begin to fight over the doll. The first one hits them all with a telekinetic punch. The next one blasts Illyana with some sort of energy beam from his mouth. The third impales both parents with some sort of spike from his arm then the fourth flies away.

As the parents die, the father confesses that it was he who had called the mutants here. Illyana calls Sam and Roberto to find Dani because she knows that is who Legion is going after. They confront the bartender to make sure Shan’s body will be looked after, and he tells the boys that Dani is in jail. He explains that they were afraid of what would happen if they had a mutant child in town.

Sam and Roberto leave only to be confronted by a mob of police. Not wanting to fight, Sam grabs Roberto and blasts off. The issue ends with Legion arriving at the police station and confronting the still imprisoned Dani.

MY TAKE:  This is another strong issue in a series which is fast becoming one of my favorites. The characters are all being done very well and the personalities are still spot on. The dialogue is fun and the plot is interesting without being overpowering or convoluted. Shan especially shone, while she has never been a favorite, her courage and desire to protect the innocent were on prominent display.

Most of the issue was devoted to Legion and establishing the villain and the conflict which was needed since last issue we were given virtually nothing. I still would have liked a bit more explanation on where all the new personalities and powers came from and what the significance of the doll is, but I expect that will be shown in later issues.

My biggest complaint in the issue were the parents. The mother and father seemed to be thrown in for a sense of drama and then quickly killed off. It made them seem to be disposable and therefore unneeded in the plot. I would have preferred they were left out entirely or given less time in the issue.

The strength of the first issue was in the character interactions and we do not get too much of that here. But what we do get is still enjoyable. The writer obviously knows these people and understands them. There are also some nice little bits thrown in for the fans of the original series. I am not sure how off putting that will be to new fans but I enjoy it.

The art was good if nothing spectacular. My only complaint is that I occasionally had a hard time telling Illy and Amara apart especially in the action sequences. I would have liked to see them looking a bit more distinctive.

All in all though another great comic and I am looking forward to the next issue eagerly. I have been waiting for a return of the New Mutants for a very long time and finally it looks like I am getting my wish.

Thanks for reading my review for Wolverine Files. I will be keeping to this format for the most part but please keep the comments coming and I will see everyone again tomorrow.

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15 years ago

DiG, the title is fast becoming your favorite??? That is easy to understand since the New Mutants have always been awesome.

15 years ago

jrpbsp wrote this particular review.

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