‘Wolverine: Revolver’ Review: I Fall to Pieces…

Hey, everyone… I am back with another pair of reviews for this week. For the first review I am going to do ‘Wolverine: Revolver’. Hope you enjoy it.

Wolverine: Revolver #1 cover Wolverine: Revolver
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Writer: Victor Gischler
Pencilers: Das Pastoras


RECAP:  The issue opens with two men playing Russian Roulette in front of a hoard of gamblers and the Russian mob. One of the men is scared but the other, the champion is completely at ease. After two empty clicks, the scared man’s luck runs out and he shoot himself.

Next round comes up and the new competitor is Logan. He asks the man running the show for two bullets rather then one and the champions agrees. Logan goes first and the chamber is empty as it is then for the champion.

With the third pull, Logan shoots himself in the head. He gets back up and tosses the spent bullet on the table. The champion then goes again and shoots himself in the head. But he too heals before transforming into a demon.

The demon kills the mobsters and turns on Logan. Wolverine indicates he has been tracking the monster ever since he killed a medicine man and his Indian tribe.

The demon claws Logan in the chest just as he cuts one of the creatures arms off. The demon puts the arms back on and it heals but then Logan shows the monster that he too can heal. Their fight is short but vicious with Logan cutting the demon into pieces before taking its head.

Still that does not kill it. Logan then puts all the pieces in separate bags and leaves them all over the southwest. He saves the still living head for last putting it in a deep cave where it would not be found for a long time. And he faces it towards the wall.

MY TAKE: This is not a bad issue for a one shot. The plot is extremely simplistic but it flows well and is generally entertaining. We have seen Logan track down and kill monsters many times but this adds a bit of a unique spin on it. You actually see Wolverine playing its game and forcing it to show itself rather then coming out with claws blazing.

But what works the best is the fact that it shows Wolverine thinking and planning. He had hunted this creature for a while and even though he is not sure what it is exactly, he is able to take it out. I really enjoyed the depiction of Logan here in general. He is cool and confident and just enough of a bastard to be interesting. The dialogue works quite well, too, between Wolverine and the demon as do the internal thought bubbles.

That is not to say this issue is great. The plot is very simplistic and drawn out. While I understand trying to play for tension, the two Russian roulette scenes tended to drag. You knew who was going to be shot and you understood what was going to happen from the very beginning. There is no surprise that the champion is not human, you could tell that from the way he was not in the least bit scared.

You also knew that Wolverine was going to be game and that he was going to shoot himself. The fight scene was over too quickly and somewhat underwhelming. It is simply a fast way to get to the end pay off where Wolverine deposes of the body in a half dozen different places.

The art is not a style I like although the interior is better then the cover. But all the characters faces had a vaguely simian look that I found a bit irritating.

In the end this was better then expected but still a pretty forgettable one shot. It will not go down as a great Wolverine story but it was an amusing read, mostly due to the dialogue and Wolverine’s internal thoughts.

Thanks for reading my review for Wolverine Files. I will be keeping to this format for the most part but please keep the comments coming and I will see everyone again next week.

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15 years ago

nice review been wondering about that since I saw it talked about in an interview.

15 years ago

Thank you. I was a bit leery based on the cover art and the description but in the end it was a pretty fun read.

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