Wolverine Week-22-in-Review: Twelve More Appearances!?!

I will run the ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ box office update tonight when the weekend totals become official and instead lead off with the new ‘Wolverine and the X-Men’ episode from Friday, “Greetings from Genosha (episode details)…

As for comics this week (May 28, 2009), Wolverine appeared in TWELVE TITLES, putting him in FIFTY-ONE COMICS over the past six weeks, not including variant covers. Holy cow!

And many, many thanks to the herculean efforts of Jrpbsp who have wrote up extensive recaps and reviews for…

As usual, I will give my impressions for the rest of the Wolverine docket…

Runaways #10 coverRunaways #10 (preview | thread)
“Mollifest Destiny”
Writer: Chris Yost
Artist: Sara Pichelli

If you liked the first 12 issues of ‘Wolverine: First Class’, then you will get a kick out of Wolverine’s interactions with little Miss Molly.

Funny, clever and ultimately poignant.

If only all Wolverine appearances were this much fun…

New Avengers #53 (preview | thread)
Writer: Brian Michael David Bendis
Pencils: Billy Tan
Inkers: Matt Banning

Sorcery takes center stage once again, but Wolverine does get his moments, as seen in the preview…

Amazing Spider-Man #595 (preview | thread)
“American Son, Part 1”
Writer: Joe Kelly
Penciler: Phil Jimenez
Inker: Andy Lanning

Interesting two-page cameo (the first half can be seen in the preview) for Wolverine. Again, if only all Wolverine appearances could be this relevant and appropriate.

But I still don’t get the power that Norman Osborn wields. Methinks if O.J. Simpson killed Osama Bin Laden, he might not be put in charge of the FBI by the President.

But that’s just me…

Avengers/Invaders #11 (preview | thread)
“Royal Allies”
Plot: Alex Ross & Jim Krueger
Script: Jim Krueger
Pencils: Steve Sadowski & Patrick Berkenkotter

Wolverine actually gets a few lines this issue, but I for one can’t wait for this series to be over…

Marvel Apes: Grunt Line #1 (preview)
“This Man… This Monkey”
Writer: Karl Kesel
Penciler: Reilly Brown and Joe Suitor
Inker: Wong & Paris and Joe Suitor

Intriguing Wolverine cameo in the final panel of the first story.

Worth a look at your local comic book store…

X-Men Future History – The Messiah War Sourcebook (details)
Writers: Jess Harold, Dugan Trodglen & Jeph York

Wolverine cameos on the cover and is featured inside as part of Scott Summers’ dissertation on X-Force.

What do you think? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below OR join in on the fun in the Wolverine Files Forums

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14 years ago

At the end of June I counted over 16 appearances between Daken and Logan for June 24th

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