Wolverine First Class #15 Review: Thor’s Hair Care Secrets!

Hey, everyone… I am going to be very busy doing reviews this week. I have a whole bunch lined up so expect to see them through the weekend to as late as Monday. For my fourth review I am going to do Wolverine First Class. Hope you enjoy it.

Wolverine: First Class #15 cover Wolverine First Class #15
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Writer: Peter David
Pencilers: Scott Koblish


RECAP: The issue begins with two trolls escaping Asgard and the larger one of them being hit by a subway train.

Flash to Wolverine reading the paper and Kitty begging him for something. Her cajoling lasts throughout the day until Wolverine forgets what she is even asking for. Finally we find out that she wants to meet Thor since she bragged to her friends at dance school that she knew him already.

She finally convinces Logan at the pool after she makes him ‘laugh’. The pair goes to Thor’s event where Logan indicates he does not know Thor but that something will come up as it always does when multiple heroes are in the same place.

Which of course leads into the trolls attacking. The big one has a shield which traps Thor’s hammer and which leads to a fist fight between the two of them. The smaller troll takes the shield with the hammer while the bigger one knocks Thor around with a light pole.  Wolverine then steps in and helps the god.

Kitty confronts the smaller troll and manages to defeat him by getting him to slice into a major water main, washing him away. Instead of a hammer, she finds an unassuming stick of wood. But she gives that to the man that appears and suddenly Thor is back and ready for round two. He grabs the troll and takes the fight back to Asgard.

The issue ends with Thor showing up at Kitty’s school after Logan has tracked him down. But all Kitty can think to ask is how he gets his hair looking so good.

MY TAKE:  This issue is a definite return to form and I am glad of it. I had faith in PAD’s writing ability but the last two issues failed to capture the fun dynamics of the series. This one, however, was full of good interactions and lots of very amusing scenes from Kitty’s wheedling to Wolverine’s faith that something will come up when they show up at Thor’s rally.

I particularly liked the reason for Wolverine’s giving in finally was that he found Kitty funny after she admitted she asked Scott first and he said no. Also, it was good to see an acknowledgment of the dance school again. So many writers completely forget that Kitty had a school with normal kids as well as the X-Men. And that kids often say and do things to impress each other.

Mostly though, the big thing was seeing the interaction between Logan and Kitty again. The strength of this series has always been the relationship between the two main characters. From funny, to sweet, to even combative, the Kitty and Wolverine relationship has always been a highlight. I do not think it ever got the attention it deserved so I am glad that they made a series to focus on it.

The action scenes were fine and under played as usual. This is meant for an all ages so they tend to soften up the fights. Most of the time, comics that are meant for kids are barely readable by older people. But I am consistently entertained by the innocent but fun stories. While they might not be strong on drama or action, the characters shine through.

I am still not completely sold on the guest star format where each issue has a new character in it. If David can make them interact well I do not mind but is has to be seamless to the story. I can see problems trying to come up with ways to bring in guest characters leading to weaker issues. Plus it can easily dilute the interaction between Kitty and Logan which is bad for the series.

The art is a bit childish but it works well for the format. It is not the style I generally enjoy but I can not deny the faces, especially Kitty’s, are amusing and extremely expressive.

All in all this was a good issue and a major step up from the last two. I hope that PAD can continue this level of story telling for the rest of his run. Next issue seems to feature Dazzler and I can imagine a lot of good scenes between her and Kitty.

Thanks for reading my review for Wolverine Files. I will be keeping to this format for the most part but please keep the comments coming and I will see everyone again tomorrow.

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15 years ago

Definitely. This is meant to be a fun book, quick entertaining read. Keep the melodrama to the core titles.

15 years ago

The one with Multiple Man in August looks really good. The previews for the next few issues have got my interest. I’m glad they aren’t going all over melodramatic like we originally feared. They definitely need to keep the tone of this book light.

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