Wolverine #72 Review: At Long Last, Snikt!

Hey, everyone… I am going to be very busy doing reviews this week. I have a whole bunch lined up so expect to see them through the weekend to as late as Monday. I am going to start with the long awaited return of Old Man Logan. Hope you enjoy it.

Wolverine #72 cover Wolverine #72
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Writer: Mark Millar
Pencilers: Steve McNiven
Inkers: Dexter Vines & Jay Leisten


RECAP: The issue starts with the Red Skull finishing off a nearly dead Captain America in the past. Flash to the present and we find the Skull in his trophy room wearing Cap’s still bloody uniform and gloating over his prizes.

Three of henchmen bring in the bodies of Hawkeye and Logan but unfortunately one of them is not dead. Logan quickly takes out the three guards but is not faring so well against the Skull. He is out of practice and still resisting the call of violence.

Automatic barriers close off the pair from the rest of the building and the Red Skull picks up a sword to finish off Logan. But he counters with Captain America’s shield and takes the fight to the villain. In a brutal sequence he defeats the Skull and cuts off his head with the shield. He snatches up the money Hawkeye was to be paid so he can make his escape.

Guards outside are trying to break in so Logan slips into Iron Man’s armor and blasts them before flying away. He makes it to less the five hundred miles from home before the power in the suit runs dry. He beat up a couple of scavengers with the money case and makes it home thirty-six hours later.

Unfortunately, it is still too late. The Hulk gang has come and gone and left his whole family murdered. One of his neighbors tries to prevent Logan from going off looking for revenge and maybe drawing the gang’s wrath down on the whole community. But Logan pops his claws for the first time in many years and states his name is Wolverine.

MY TAKE:  While I have not been the biggest fan of this arc, this is a fairly strong issue. While there are not a lot of surprises in it, you do feel genuine emotion for Logan and concern for his plight. The fight scenes are a trifle overdone but since we have been waiting a long time to see Logan get a little revenge, it is satisfying.

I do not know much about the Red Skull as a character but he works as a suitably creepy foe here. By the end of the first few pages you already want him to get his head handed to him and using Captain America’s shield was simply poetic justice. Seeing Logan suiting up in Iron Man’s armor was another fun moment and you could not help but cheer for him a little bit.

The ending was obvious and had been since the very first issue of the story arc. Much of the idea of this story was taken from movies and you knew how it was going to end. You do not have a character go through all this trouble and see him start to embrace his violent side and then get a happily ever after. Still you can not help but feel for Logan as he comes home and sees what happened.

The issue was not without its flaws however. It felt very short and in fact very little really happened. Considering how long it has been taking to get an issue of the series out, it was hard not to feel a bit slighted at the lack of content. While I understand completely why the issue ended where it did, I would have loved to see Wolverine get a bit of payback in this issue.

The art was suitably gritty and very violent. You can almost understand why it takes so long to draw considering the level of detail that is provided. You can actually read the faces most of the time and understand more of what is going on then the limited dialogue shows.

In the end it was an enjoyable if predictable issue. It sets up the finale very well and gets you motivated to read it. While it may not be the most original story, it is an effective one and fun to read. I expect the trade of this story will be an amazing read where you will likely not even notice most of the flaws.

Thanks for reading my review for Wolverine Files. I will be keeping to this format for the most part but please keep the comments coming and I will see everyone again tomorrow.

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15 years ago

Well this whole story is following a Clint Eastwood movie in general structure and was even referenced in interviews at the beginning so it had to end in tragedy. I personally would like to see Wolverine get a happy ending but I expect it won’t happen because writers are afraid a happy Logan won’t be as popular.

And either way I still felt the issue was a good one and it stood on it’s own merits. I hope the ending is as good because now I have higher hopes for it.

15 years ago

I really do want to see what is going to happen in the finale. I’m glad they are giving Millar the time and extra room to give this arc an appropriate send off.

15 years ago

Like you said, the artwork was just so powerful.

You can tell Logan was going to cry just by looking into his eyes. And they pulled it off without resorting to the cheesy single tear cliche.

It is so rare that a single comic book issue can have so many powerful moments like this.

15 years ago

I loved this issue so much. I feel Old Man Logan was the greatest story arc in the 2003 series. I don’t care what anyone else says, this arc was superb and definitely worth the wait! Great story!

This and Millers’ Fantastic Four issue were the two most exciting comics this month.

Great review btw.

15 years ago

i love this issue and its what draws me to wolverine he is so careing be you mess with any one he cares for he will cut you a new one lol and revenge is all way a vailer defence

15 years ago

I just hope we do not have to wait for three months to get the final giant sized one shot. I really do want to see how it ends.

15 years ago

The end was very poor, always tragedy, that’s becoming boring in my opinion. And no offense but Wolverine fighting with Cap’s shield…

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