Wolverine Week-09-in-Review: New Avengers, X-Force, vs. Hulk…

Wolverine appeared in four titles this past week (February 25, 2009) and I include one other appearance I missed from the previous week…

I reviewed Wolverine Origins #33 and Wolverine: First Class #12 on Wednesday — the major revelations within seemed to require immediate attention.

As for the rest of his appearances…

New Avengers #50 cover
New Avengers #50 (preview)
Writer: Brian Michael David Bendis
Art: Billy Tan, Matt Banning and Justin Ponsor

Not quite New Avengers vs. Dark Avengers, but Norman Osborn does make interesting opening gambit in his dealings with the New Avengers that makes one wonder where the hell this Brian Michael David Bendis was during Secret Invasion.

And a surprising bevy of guest artists really makes this issue a blast, especially Leinil Yu, Mark Morales and Dave McCaig on the Wolverine page, an amusing look inside Wolverine’s mind. Though I must admit it would have been a lot funnier if Joss Whedon hadn’t already done it in ‘Astonishing X-Men’…

X-Force #12 (preview)
“Suicide Leper, Part One”
Writers: Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost
Artist: Clayton Crain

I’m still having problems getting used to the enormous pupils and irises that Clayton Crain likes to use in his artwork.

As for the issue itself, it’s like every other issue of X-Force before it. So if you enjoy X-Force, you are sure to happy. If you are on the fence like me, you’ll probably stay there.

That said, awesome double-page spread to end the issue…

Young X-Men #11 (preview)
“End of Days”
Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Present Day Sequences: Rafa Sandoval & Roger Bonet
Future Sequences: Daniel Acuna

I completely missed this Wolverine appearance from last week.

A very intriguing future sequence with Wolverine that ties into the current storyline, again with Wolverine.

Since I haven’t been reading this series, please feel free to chime in with comments on just what the hell is going on…

Last but not least (for comics), Wizard Magazine #210 boast a Wolverine/Spider-Man cover by John Cassaday..

And don’t forget the excellent ‘Wolverine and the X-Men’ animated series.

Tonight’s episode, “Wolverine vs. the Hulk” (watch it here), is by far the best episode of the series. Unfortunately, after watching the ‘Hulk vs. Wolverine’ DVD, one realizes just how little Wolverine can do with the claws in a show geared towards kids. That said, this episode really is a hoot with some wonderful one-liners.

Now if only Nick Fury didn’t sound like Lando Calrissian…

What do you think? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below OR join in on the fun in the Wolverine Files Forums

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15 years ago

Hey DiG. If you’d like to compare appearance lists then just let me know. I’ve spent a heck of a lot of time hunting down Wolverine appearances for the past 10 years or so.

15 years ago

I know what you mean. Especially when it’s one of these extremely lame cameos like in Marvels. Those drive me nuts.

15 years ago

One more appearance on the week. As horrible as it is the top half of Wolverine’s head appears in Marvels: Eye of the Camera #4 on a newspaper front page. And while it is a terrible appearance, Marvels is a good story. I’ll gladly accept that trade off.

Glenn Selser
15 years ago

Really liking Dark Reign. Did not dislike Secret Invasion as much as you did, but Dark reign is written much better. Glad to hear you are liking some of it.

15 years ago

One of these days I’m going to get all the Wolverine appearances. One of these days…

And, yes, Dark Reign is really good. Makes me wonder if Secret Invasion had been limited to only the Avengers titles like Bendis had originally planned if it would have been a lot better.

15 years ago

That is another project of mine… to list out every Wolverine appearance by cover date. But since I want to add cover art, it is taking a long time to finish. But we should definitely compare notes at some point.

What I was actually trying to suggest is that one of these weeks I’m going to figure out all of his appearances for that week. Invariably you point out an appearance I missed.

And don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate your help, but some days I just want to go AAARRRGGGHHHH!

14 years ago

Ive been hereing rumors that Wolverine quit the New Avengers, is it true

14 years ago

Well, he hasn’t been in New Avengers for a few months now, and it was explained away as Wolverine needing to be in San Francisco/Utopia.

So whether Wolverine returns is certainly up in the air.

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