Classic Wolverine Cover: Uncanny X-Men #196

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Another year, another solitary classic Wolverine cover.

And this one is more about Wolverine’s shadow than it is about him.

Regardless, Uncanny X-Men #196 by John Romita, Jr. and Terry Austin is one of the most suspenseful covers of this era…

Wolverine Covers: Uncanny X-Men #196

Next up is a selection of Wolverine covers from this time period, from awesome Wolverine cameos to covers that didn’t quite make the cut…

Exhibits A and B are the first issues of Secret Wars by Mike Zeck and Secret Wars II by John Byrne and Terry Austin, examples of tremendous covers, but Wolverine just didn’t dominate the cover enough for me to justify them as iconic Wolverine covers…

Secret Wars #1 cover Secret Wars II #1 cover

Uncanny X-Men #193 by John Romita, Jr. and Dan Green is often cited as a classic Wolverine cover, but it’s way too cluttered and their rendition of Kitty Pryde in the foreground just weakens the cover too much  for my tastes. And Uncanny X-Men #195 by Bill Sienkiewicz, a brilliant Moon Knight artist, and Dan Green simply falls flat.

Uncanny X-Men #193 cover Uncanny X-Men #195 cover

The good news is another run of classic Wolverine covers is just around the corner…

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Want to see the Classic Wolverine Covers from the beginning? Start here…

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12 years ago

Uncanny 195’s cover reveals what to this day remains JRJR main problem: Noses. Look at Kitty’s nose.

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