Wolverine News: WonderCon ’09 X-Men (and Wolverine) News

Lots of X-Men (and Wolverine) News broke over the weekend from WonderCon ’09

-‘Uncanny-Men: First Class’: Stories from Newsarama, CBR and Marvel.com
-Uncanny-Men/Dark Avengers Crossover: From Newsarama, CBR, IGN and Marvel.com
From Earlier in the Week: Ron Garney on Drawing ‘Wolverine: Weapon X’ (Newsarama)…

In ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Movie and Video Game News…
Marvel.,com: All Three ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ trailers
Wired.com: Enter for a Chance to Win a Trip to the Premiere (but you have to take me!)…
Newsarama: Video Game Interview
Marvel.com: New Video Game Screenshots

Probable Wolverine Appearances in stores on 3/4/09…
Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #3 (preview): Finally! Next up, Big Numbers #3…
X-Men/Spider-Man #4 (preview): Miniseries finale…
Wolverine Poster Book (no preview): The overexposure of Wolverine starts here…

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15 years ago

I really enjoyed the Ron Garney interview. The guy sounds like he’s in a creative groove on this new title, and wants to really go with it.

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