Wolverine Files Update XXXIII: Secret Agent Man, Eh?

Secret Agent Logan

I just finished updating yet another Wolverine chapter, 013: Secret Agent Man, Eh?.

Check it out and let me know what you think…

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15 years ago

Why Wolverine can’t be a real Lupine. Forword: This is a collection of details i had in my free time while reading X-men storys. They are not meant to show off (impress anyone), they are also not meant to downgrade Wolverine as a mammal type mutant or to say that his character is any way bad or lame. I only made them out of dislike for Jeph Loebs Wolverine story and collected what bugged me about it. Hey in the end it’s just comics! You can still enjoy them even when noticing such details. I know most of you (me… Read more »

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