Wolverine News: ‘Wolverine Files’ Hits Big Time, Canadian-Style…

A few weeks back I was interviewed by Raju Mudhar of the Toronto Star newspaper about the upcoming ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ movie. I didn’t want to say anything earlier so as not to jinx myself or, frankly, in the event I was made out to look like a complete loser.

But lo and behold, the article was published on January 4th, titled 2009: Year of the Wolverine.

Toronto Star Wolverine article

My sincerest thanks to Raju.

The best part (with all apologies to the rest of your article, Raju), are quoted below…

“Wolverine was a character whose origin was never revealed,” explains Joel DiGiacomo, a writer and web developer from Maryland who started to collect all of the disparate information about his favourite hero and created a website, The Wolverine Files.

“(With) most superheroes,” says DiGiacomo, “the first issue is the origin story and that’s it. He was different. You didn’t know how he got his claws, how old he was or how he even got his powers. Every couple of years, there was a little hint about this background.”

That changed in 2001, when Marvel Comics decided it was going to build an event around revealing Wolverine’s origin. Despite readers’ anticipation, for the most part, the series and origin story were panned.

“I don’t know anyone who liked that origin,” says DiGiacomo. “He’s not Logan (the default name Wolverine used as an amnesiac) anymore. He’s James Howlett, and he was a spoiled rich kid. That’s not who Wolverine was. He was supposed to be the wild kid in the wilderness and I think a lot of that was lost in that series.”

Is that cool or what?

And if I had to pick a nit (something I am quite good at), let me observe that I am a writer and web consultant more than a web developer.

Damn Canadians.

In other, much less important Wolverine news…
Marvel Digital Comics offers a free exclusive look at ‘Wolverine: Agent of Atlas’…
Comic Book Resources interviews Jason Aaron about ‘Wolverine: Weapon X’…
Entertainment Weekly gives ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ an exclusive look with new photo…

And of course, Comics Previews of probable Wolverine appearances this week…
– Wolverine: Switchback (preview): Artwork by Das Pastoras looks most interesting…
– Wolverine and Power Pack #3 (preview): Time-traveling to meet a young James Howlett…
– X-Men Noir #2 (preview): Will Wolverine appear?

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15 years ago

I think the problem with Origin was the fact that there wasn’t any connection with Logan of the present. I also heard that Dog wasn’t Sabretooth despite the physical similarity between the two.

I wasn’t disappointed but it wasn’t a great story either. However, this is supposed to be a big story about Wolverine and it looks like Marvel have already forgotten about “Origin”. There was only “Wolverine – The End” that gave “Origin” some potential giving “Origin” a continuity with John (Logan’s brother) but sadly, Wolverine – The End isn’t in the Marvel universe chronology.

15 years ago

Sounds good!


Now on to the “less important stuff . . . . ” lol ;)

15 years ago

Damn your nitpicking Joel. ;)

Congratulations. Thankfully I do know a lot of people who did love Origin. (and I know some people who didn’t!) Which is why I’m probably going to be the only one on here who semi likes Wolverine and Power Pack #3. when it comes out tomorrow.


15 years ago

youll proably come up with some stupid estimated graphs but way to project your oppinion onto the public as if it was all of ours,

I love his origin, and origins series, I dont know many people who dont.

The mystery got boring and repetitive and would only have been told in a movie anyway if they didnt do it in the comic

15 years ago

I should probably clarify a few things… -The interview took about 20 minutes and covered a variety of topics. And in the end, only a handful of sentence were used. Hence my trepidations, because one is never sure which sentence or phrase will end up being used. -I was not referring to the current Wolverine: Origins series, only the 2001 miniseries. And I certainly had no intent to speak for the entire comics community or Wolverine community. But among the fans and stores that I knew in 2001, the series was not well received. -I converted this website into a… Read more »

15 years ago

Comics should also be enjoyed however. Not everyone buys the books so they can get pissed and spend five hours complaining about it. If I felt that way about Wolverine, I would switch over to DC or Image. I know for a fact that the only reason I spend my cash on Wolverine’s titles, is because I like reading about his new stuff.


15 years ago

Panned means universally disliked which cleary it wasnt

15 years ago

I didn’t like the origin.

Didn’t like him getting all his memory back, either. At least, not anything they’ve done with him since then.

Maybe I’m just an old grump.

15 years ago

well no man you lost my support on their, too many of his apps. are gratuitous and power pack are lame.

I think so many of the old stories just arnt as great as DiG and stuff make out

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