Wolverine Week-01-in-Review: Manifest Destiny, X-Force & More

Aside from Wolverine #70 (see Review and Open Thread), Wolverine appeared in five other titles this past week (January 2, 2009)…

Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #3 coverWolverine: Manifest Destiny #3 (preview)
“Once Upon a Time in Chinatown”
Writer: Jason Aaron
Pencilers: Stephen Segovia & Paco Diaz Luque
Inkers: Noah Salonga & Paco Diaz Luque

Not quite as good as the previous two issues with Jason Aaron going for comedy over believability. And unfortunately the final six pages of art by Paco Diaz Luque simply do not hold up to Stephen Segovia’s brilliant artwork from the rest of the series…

X-Force #10 (preview)
“Old Ghosts, Part 4”
Writer: Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost
Art: Mike Choi

This is becoming a most uneven series. I didn’t even realize that this was part 4 of 4 until I started writing this post. The story finales aren’t really finales and the story arcs have a tendency to meander all over the place…

Fantastic Four #562 (preview)
Writer: Mark Millar
Pencils: Bryan Hitch
Inks: Cam Smith & Andrew Currie

While Wolverine only really cameos in one panel, it is pretty funny…

Avengers/Invaders #7 (preview)
“Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot”
Plot: Alex Ross & Jim Krueger
Script: Jim Krueger
Pencils: Steve Sadowksi & Patrick Berkenkotter

Once again, Wolverine barely makes an appearance…

What If? Secret Wars (preview)
“What If… Doctor Doom Kept the Beyonder’s Powers”
Writer: Karl Bollers
Artist: Jorge Molina

Not much of a cameo for Wolverine, but a really good What If story if you are a fan of Dr. Doom…

And finally, Wolverine did not appear at all in the surprisingly sub-par Ultimatum X-Men #99

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15 years ago

I was very impressed with how much of Doom’s history he tapped into. If I could clone myself, I would consider launching another Marvel chronology site… The Von Doom Chronicles.

15 years ago

I really enjoyed X-Force. I went back and read the trade paper back, and I thought it was really great.

Link to some more video game shots:


Glenn Selser
15 years ago

I was going to send you a email about the What If issue. I too thought it was a very good issue and I figured you would like it.
Glad you liked it also

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