Wolverine News: Let the Dark Reign Begin…

With Secret Invasion now wrapped up, Marvel has released details of previously embargoed titles, with Wolverine seemingly to appear in New Avengers, Dark Avengers (plus the lowdown on Wolverine: Origins #33: Weapon XI)…
Fred Van Lente on Wolverine: First Class #10 from Marvel.com
Mike Carey on Original Sin from IGN
Ed McGuinness draws Wolverine for Free Comic Book Day from CBR
Wolverine: Switchback Sneak Peek from CBR

And let’s not forget, Comics Previews of probable Wolverine appearances this week…
– Dark Reign #1 (preview): The beginning of the next big Marvel event…
– Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes #2 (preview): More weirdness from Warren Ellis…
– Wolverine: Flies to a Spider (preview): How Wolverine spends his New Year’s Eve…
– X-Men/Spider-Man #2 (preview): It’s like the eighties never left…

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12 years ago

From the previews that shipped last week to update all of the unsolicited Dark Reign comics, it’s looking like Wolverine is not a member of Dark Avengers. Instead it will be his son Daken. So that appears to be one less team that Wolverine will be on (for the time being of course).

12 years ago

I wish they would pull him off the X-Men and keep him on the X-Force only. But since Cyclops is on both titles too…..

I’m interested in seeing how they got Daken on the Dark Avengers. I bet Logan will be pissed.

12 years ago

It would be good if they canceled the main title. Origins, First Class and Weapon X will be enough for me. Not to mention his team books , Marvel Crossovers, and One shots.

That’s like seven or eight books a month, sometimes more depending on what major marvel event is happening.

12 years ago

Some pretty good information about the comics that are coming out this week. Thanks for letting us know, now I know what to look for when I drive 20 minutes to my comic store. Usually they don’t know what to put in my folder unless I specifically ask them to. Thanks to you I can at least find a majority of the important titles.

Very appreciated information.

Glenn Selser
12 years ago

I liked the Dark Reign preview, except that is the worse looking and goofest Namor I have ever seen.
Whats with the five O’Clock shadow? And does he have a receding hairline?

12 years ago

Sure its:


Also heard some speculation that the main title may change to a different character or even be cancelled after Cebulski and Finch Electra story. But all of that is speculation at the moment.

12 years ago

Was just on newsarama and saw that Wolverine will be in a fourth title called Wolverine Weapon-X. It is an ongoing and statrts in april.

There is also some talk on the boards that the main Wolverine book may focus on either Daken or X-23 but at this point that is just speculation.

12 years ago

Holy cow. That is more money I have to spend. O__O

Can I have a link to that?

12 years ago

I disagree, the four would be fine but he does’nt do anything in his team appearances. I mean UXM is really Cyclops and Emma’s book, AXM is the only real team book for the X-men and New Avengers last major thing Logan does in that was get his balls shot off by the Hood and that was before SI. X-Force is were Logan really shines as a team player .

And Wolverine Origins is basically a mega arch that will conclude with #60 so its future is already set.

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