Classic Wolverine Covers: Classic X-Men #26

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In October 1988, Kerry Gammill and Terry Austin created one of the most memorable of the reprint covers for Classic X-Men #26, reprinting X-Men #120 and Wolverine’s first face off with the full Alpha Flight team and in this particular cover moment, Sasquatch…

Wolverine Covers: Classic X-Men #26

First up is a rejected preliminary cover for this issue by Kerry Gammill from the collection of Michael Steenbergen. Next is the color guide to the final cover in gorgeous watercolor from the collection of Doc Conners

Rejected preliminary cover to Classic X-Men #26 Color guide for Classic X-Men #26

The back cover by John Bolton is an intriguing piece juxtaposing a smoking Wolverine with the yarn he is spinning. On the right is the original artwork from the collection of John Bamber…

Classic X-Men #26 back cover Classic X-Men back cover original

Finally, we have the two-part frontispiece from Classic X-Men #27 by Kieron Dwyer and Terry Austin. Gotta love that polaroid!

Classic X-Men #27 frontispiece

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