Wolverine Files Update XXIII: The New Lineup

I hope to be able to provide everyone with a weekly update on the Wolverine Files every Sunday night. So without any further ado, I present…

New This Week
-Wolverine Files Search: A new site search is now available from all pages on the right rail. Check it out… it’s very cool.
-Add This: Also added is a new widget on every post and every page that allows you to bookmark and share anything from the Wolverine Files. Go crazy!
Readers Comments and Web Awards Page: All the reader comments I’ve received over the years have been consolidated onto one page as well as all the details on the Project Fanboy Award that the site won recently.

Weekly Updates
Wolverine Files Update: Every Sunday night.
Wolverine News: Weekly Wolverine News every Monday morning.
Wolverine TV: Highlighting Wolverine’s cartoon and movie appearances every Tuesday.
Classic Wolverine Covers: A weekly roll out of classic Wolverine covers on Wednesdays.
Wolverine Files Reviews: Weekly reviews of the latest Wolverine appearances debut on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

More to Come
-Wolverine Chronology Updates: 006 Lost Years should finally get update for next weekend.
-And finally a sneak peak of Wolverine 1974

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12 years ago

Very cool Dig ! Now I have more of a reason to check your blog everyday. I really like the improvements. Wolverine TV and Wolverine News is quickly becoming my new favorite articles. It’s fun to read your opinion on the cartoons. Keep up the good work !

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