Uncanny X-Men #501 Review: Victoria’s Secret Meet B&D

Uncanny X-Men #501 coverUncanny X-Men #501
“All Tomorrow’s Parties”
Writer: Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker
Penciler: Greg Land; Inker: Jay Leisten

“Beer me up, will ya?”

That line uttered by Wolverine is the single best part of this issue.

The rest of the issue either dwells on the blinding smiles of Scott Summers and Warren Worthington, the naked Victoria’s Secret body of Emma Frost or the B&D of the Hellfire Cult.

And don’t get me started on the leather bondage mask of the Red Queen.

Is this soft porn or the X-Men?

Give me the good old days when muscular men in tight outfits would beat on each other until their bodies glistened in sweat.

Uh… never mind.

From Marvel (preview): “Things start out grim for the newest X-Girl as the team gets settled into its new secret headquarters. Scott and Emma do what Scott and Emma do best– but what’s the secret project Scott’s been building? And is anyone prepared for the menace of the Hellfire Cult? Mysteries, riddles, enigmas, and pain freaks all converge in the brave new world of San Francisco” On sale August 20, 2008.

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15 years ago

ha ha, well said.

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