Review: Marvel Adventures the Avengers #23

Marvel Adventures the Avengers #23 coverMarvel Adventures The Avengers #23
“New Avengers”
Writer: Marc Sumerak
Penciler: Kevin Sharpe; Inker: Jay Leisten

Another ‘Marvel Adventures the Avengers,’ another mediocre comic book (replete with gratuitous Wolverine appearance).

Considering how wildly popular manga has become with young readers, it is surprising that Marvel is taking this ‘dumb-it-down’ approach with their all ages books.

Look at Naruto, one of the most popular manga series out there — brilliant fight sequences with solid pacing, cliffhangers that create anticipation for the next issue, meticulous continuity within an overarching story, comedic touches based on strong characterizations.

Perhaps Marvel should consider this approach for its younger audience. Not the manga art style (which Marvel has done in the past with disastrous results), but the story and pacing.

How about ‘Young Logan,’ chronicling Logan’s training to become a ninja under Ogun back in the 1930s? Dynamic tension over his training from an evil immortal, interactions and jealousies with other ‘forgotten’ pupils, Logan’s destiny as a ‘failed’ samurai…

Wait a minute, that’s not bad!

Hey, Marvel… give me a ring, I think I may be onto something here!

From Marvel (preview): “What happens when you take the ‘Earth’ out of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? You end up with a bunch of Avengers that have mysteriously vanished off the face of the planet! Now Captain America and Spider-Man must call on some of their newest allies to help them rescue their missing teammates. But will this new roster of unpredictable heroes be able to work together long enough to save the day… or will they just end up making things even worse?” On sale Spril 16, 2008.

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16 years ago

I agree DiG. You loyalty to the true character of Logan is unquestionable. I truly appreciate the knowledge you retain for Wolverine’s back story. I really wish they had someone like you working on Wolverine’s backstory and main spin offs. Then we wouldn’t have to suffer anymore bad cameos like in Penance , and the other atrocities Wolverine has appeared in.

16 years ago

DiG, you are an F’ing Genius!!!

Sell that $H!T to Marvel! We’d all be grateful.

16 years ago

Here, Here!! unfornately Marvel would never buy it, they’re having too much fun screwing up the chronology of Marvel, to stick to a known fact!! (look what they’ve done with Jasmine Falls. fitted well in fifties, now they’re determind to make it 30’s before the winter soldier existed as Bucky, let alone as Winter SOldier. Read your own work people, or empoly someone like DiG who knows it!!!!!!)

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